September continues its post eclipse news and after effects. Currently, Mercury is retrograde
and will turn direct on September 5th. It is conjunct Mars at this time. These 2 planets are not friendly to each other. In a sense you could say they give a kind of antagonistic behavior. That is not to say unfavorable conditions or arrangements can not be the result. But that is afterwards, when Mercury pulls away from Mars. Mercury will enter the sign of Virgo, a sign it rules, September 27th. Mercury and Mars together produce a very keen intellect in the sign of Leo. Leo rules leaders and people who are in command. Mars will continue to become stronger as it gains in degrees. On a spiritual level, Mars in Leo helps us to connect energy and spirit together. Connecting to what you love as your path. You have some time to make this connection since Mars remains in Leo until Oct. 14, 2017. Mercury’s energy changes significantly upon entering Virgo (Sept. 27th). Concerns for health and all health related matters will come to the forefront. The lingering health care status of our country along with the aftermath of health related concerns from all the water and residue of Hurricane Harvey.

The week of September 3rd will be an interesting one. The full moon on September 6th will come just on the heels of Mercury turning direct at 4 degrees Leo, the exact degrees of the eclipse. This intensifies the vast domain that Mercury rules, all communications. The Moon and Mercury deal with emotions, ideas, and travel to name a few. The full moon (Sept. 6th) is in the sign of Aquarius, and the nakshatra of “Shatabhisha”. Shatabhisha means the “hundred physicians” or “hundred healers”. Aquarius is known to be a sign that is interested in and connected to all humanity. One of the symbols for Aquarius is a man holding a pitcher of water and pouring the cosmic waters for nurturing humanity.
The deity for this lunar mansion is Varuna, the god of rain and cosmic waters, medicines, and a mystical healer. People born under this star, possess incredible courage and force, they are honest and hard-working.. Shatabhisha people may have a healing crisis that leads to revitalization.

There is so much symbology here and as I write and think about all that lost so much with Hurricane Harvey. I also see the outpouring of help that many have done and are doing.When we see these incredible pictures of people carrying loved ones and their animals, how can we not be overcome with compassion and a desire to reach out and help them.

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes will shift September 9th. Rahu will enter the sign of Cancer, Ketu will enter the sign of Capricorn. The nodes shift about every 18 months. Instead of giving monthly predictions, as I usually do in this writing, I am giving where the nodes will bring changes to your rising sign. See that information below.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, happiness, opportunity and children will be transiting from Virgo to Libra on September 12th. Jupiter in this sign promotes more harmonius relationships, socialbility, and happiness. In fact, Jupiter here promotes caring of humanity. More interest will be shown in music, recognition of the importance of sound, along with its creative power. Many new relationships and alliances will be formed during this time. The healing power of love and differing ways to experience it will be one of Jupiter’s beautiful gifts to us. Jupiter will transit the sign of Libra until Oct. 12, 2018.

Rahu/Ketu – The Nodes – change signs: Sept. 9, 2017
(The areas where you can expect changes over the next 18 months)

Aries: Changes occurring within your home and mother. Strong desires Career changes likely, favorable for spiritual activities. Career may take unusual turn.

Taurus: Adventurous time, you are motivated. Increased communication skills. More organization required. Possible issues with siblings. Long & short distance travel indicated.
Possible issues with father and education.

Gemini: Resources or money can be made through foreign connections. May receive money through unusual circumstances, or money can be made through others. Excellent time for learning a foreign language. Need for some time spent in solitude.

Cancer: Signifies worldly desires and benefits. Your interest could be more spiritual or occult subjects. Unusual ways of thinking. May have a spiritual partner or partner can be usual in some manner.

Leo: Travel possible to foreign lands. Take care with wealth and expenditure. Can win in competitions. Change health care routine and pay close attention to health related matters.

Virgo: Excellent time for gains and wealth building. Opportunity for financial gains. New friendships. Possible difficulties with siblings. Good time for learning or studying spiritual subjects.

Libra: Career will flourish. Ability to influence others benefits you. Mother’s health could suffer, or living arrangements for her change.

Scorpio: Interests will change. May become more interested in philosophy, religion or spirituality. Father may have some difficulties. Education may be interrupted. Overall, 9th house is a fortunate house.

Sagittarius: Excellent time for speaking or learning foreign languages. Unexpected wealth or income from unusual sources. Focus will be on earnings. May develop a liking for exotic foods.

Capricorn: Intuition is heightened during this time. Your interest turns to spiritual knowledge. More care of the physical body is required. Issues with spouse or partner. Partner may be over demanding or domineering. Partner could be in a powerful position.

Aquarius: Health will be strong during this period. Possible to work in health related field. Interest in spiritual evolution. May have unexpected debts or expenses.

Pisces: Drawn to higher awareness subjects and evolving. Unusual love affairs. Organizations bring opportunities. Can benefit from disorganization in some way. Possible to take something lost and rebuild to great success.