Winter solstice is almost here! the shortest day – the longest night of the year.
This is an incredible event because Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct. (according to Nasa) Jupiter and Saturn have not been visible to the naked eye for 800 years. I believe that gives us a clue as to this transformational time we are living in. This Conjunction is being referred to as “The Christmas Star”.

ritually, winter solstice signifies a time to go within. Just as nature retreats. The longest darkest night of the year is an opportunity for enlightenment, (light within).
time to turn inward, to reflect. Reflection and renewal are both themes of solstice. It is a time to recognize endings and beginnings.

Just like the Earth shifting and changing directions, we can tap into that natural cycle along with the planet. So here is a little tip for you during this most sacred time. The exact time of the conjunction will vary according to where you live. So just put your time zone to find out the exact time the solstice occurs. Then at that time, in a quiet space, sit and write down your thoughts as you reflect. Whatever comes up for you, write it down. Your past experiences this year, Honor the endings.
Release any thoughts or feelings. Letting go of the past.

Next, mindfully shift your energy towards beginnings. Write down any inspiration you have for the upcoming year. This does not need to be extensive, only if you feel like it. Remember to have compassion for yourself. This is a time of rebirth for you and for our planet. End your ritual by sending light to Mother Earth and all beings. And then last:

Don’t forget to look at the night sky just after sunset on Dec. 21st, face Southwest to get a look at this once in a lifetime star.
The Christmas Star.