– “May the truth protect me in all ways”. Rig Veda

July’s lunar eclipse triggers the unfolding of unusual events for the second half of the year. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, half man, half horse. This is a fire sign and one that loves its freedom. Looking at the symbol, you see it represents someone who is focused and the man is holding a bow and arrow. As I began, years ago to study astrology, I could see how important symbols were. After all, astrology is translating symbols into words. Half horse, half man, holding a bow and arrow, said to me someone who was ready to focus on and stand up for their beliefs (Sagittarius).

Sagittarius is the rising sign of the USA’s chart.

July 4th-5th is the time of the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The moon signifies our emotions and with the eclipse taking place, it shows the masses are disturbed, emotionally. When the eclipses occur it blocks out the light, this affects us emotionally
Another way of saying this is it affects us consciously and subconsciously. Plain
talk is alot of “emotional meltdowns” are on the rise. It is summer and pitta time is hot time.

Eclipse season brings disturbing changes. Perhaps you’ve noticed that to make plans during this time, means you will most likely be changing your plans. Unexpected
events take place and so there is always a rearrangement of life.

Jupiter retrograded back to Sagittarius the end of June, along with Pluto. To say this is big, is an understatement. Jupiter is expansive and likes to do things in a big way. Pluto
Is the planet of absolute power and transformation. These two power houses will be traveling together until Nov. 20th. We are currently and will be transforming over the next months. The process will speed up by the end of July.

Jupiter picks up its power in Sagittarius. I’ve already mentioned that Sagittarius is a fire sign and loves its freedom. This played a big part in the history of our nation. It is the sign associated with our beliefs and with large educational and legal institutions. These institutions and laws will be undergoing some big changes over the next months.

Will we totally wipe away history, and symbols of history, monuments? Will that really make a big enough change? What then? Language also? Does the destruction of a monument really change anyone’s consciousness? What about businesses, homes, people’s lives? These and many other questions will be asked, internally and externally over the next months.

Our country was born out of revolution, and became a sovereign nation through the constitution. Without laws, a governing nation ceases to exist. There is no sovereignty. No freedom.

Without laws, there is no freedom and no sovereign nation.

Several months ago, I talked about “sovereignty” in one of my videos. More specifically, sovereignty of consciousness. All of this is connected. All of this is what is at stake.

Are we still a nation who desires freedom, liberty and well-being, and who hold family values? Many who allow their ideologies and beliefs to divide the world are imprisoned by their lower consciousness (moon).

Our emotions are the basis for our beliefs. I believe we can expand our consciousness to allow, at least, a rational conversation, with those who do not necessarily agree with us. After all, we have done this in the past without calling names and without violence, destruction of property and loss of life.

We will undergo a remaking of consciousness over the next 5 months. This will be a critical time for our country. Our thoughts will re-birth us to higher consciousness or they will destroy our planet. Our thoughts = our vibration. The more positive thoughts, the higher the vibration, the more continuous the positive thoughts, the higher the vibration.

I have referred to the “duality” of life and the planetary energies in past videos. Duality
Is simply opposites. Light and Dark. Day and Night. Positive and Negative. Black and White. Good and Evil.

Placing a premium on our thoughts, places a premium on our consciousness.

Currently, Venus is direct in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign. This is bringing some relief. Venus can help us see the “value” of relationships. Venus brings a desire to try to work together in relationships and in what we value. Taurus and Libra rising signs get great assistance during this time. Venus remains in Taurus until August 1st.

Mercury, retrogrades until July 13th. Gemini’s are getting the most impact, as Mercury is retrograde in their 1st house. Careful, with those relationships’ from the past, Gemini.
Virgo’s will be reviewing their careers and making changes after July 13th.

Cancer rising sign, feels empowered July 17th – Aug. 17th, as the Sun will transit through their 1st house. The Sun here gives you stamina and personal power. Just avoid overdoing all that energy!

Saturn ruled, Capricorn and Aquarius are reviewing life and life purpose now. Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This is a very intense for Capricorn and Aquarius.
Aquarius will need to spend more time in meditation or spiritual practice. Even reading
And journaling will be helpful for both signs now. Capricorn is somewhat more empowered but must take care with all the demands and restrictions it places and expects from others.

Scorpio and Aries, may not be feeling motivated, as Mars, their ruling planet is transiting through the sign of watery Pisces. Mars picks up its “mojo” on Aug. 17th – Sept 9th. Beyond that it goes retrograde. Which is a whole other story to be continued in September. Scorpio and Aries, get ready to plug in, big time, between 8/17 – 9/9.

Remember, keep your thoughts positive. Send love and healing energy to our Planet Earth, she desperately needs it.

Hold steady dear ones,

Stay in the Light,