Moon Mentoring

Moon Mentoring

Each moon has a different influence. Have you noticed at times you feel happy, sad, motivated, sexy or talkative?  There are 12 moon signs.  

Every month there is a new moon and a full moon. Each moon has something different to say to us and through us. Knowing where to place your energy with a new moon and the full moon will help you to master the powerful energies the moon offers! 

When you begin to work with lunar energy, you become more aware of who you are and what your potential is. This knowledge helps you to improve every relationship you have.

With my Moon Mentoring program you will receive 6 20-minute mentoring calls, one for each New Moon and each Full Moon over the next 3 months, providing direction specific to how the moon is moving through your chart. 

Each session will be recorded and sent to you. I will also include something very unique and special that few astrologers talk about and that is I will tell you what your “Yogi Point” is. This is a very special place in your chart that is considered to be full of potential and luck.

When activated it can bring luck and fortune into your life. Not only will I tell you what your “Yogi Point” is, I will guide you on when it will be activated!

Make the next 3 months of New and Full Moons your BEST! Only $299

Not ready to commit? I am offering a 1-month trial for $149. Includes the Yogi Point with the date activation.

My best deal: 1 year of Moon Mentoring
12 New and 12 Full Moons for $1199!

Mentoring Options

After you make your payment, text me at 469.583.0740 with the best (2) days that work for you and I will text you back a time I have open for your first reading.