Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon – 8/7 – 20 degrees Capricorn – Shravana

Solar Eclipse/New Moon – 8/21 – 4 degrees Leo – Magha

Mercury retrogrades 8/13 – 17 degrees Leo – Purva Phalguni

Saturn direct 8/25 – Scorpio

August has lots of cosmic action in store for us. with the lunar eclipse on August 7th at 20 degrees of Capricorn. And the Solar Eclipse on August 21st at 4 degrees of Leo.

The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon will both be in the sign of Leo bringing about this eclipse.
Leo is a sign that deals with people in authority and people who are in the public. This includes politicians, presidents, bosses, actors, actresses, dictators, etc. Eclipses always bring to the forefront something that has gone unnoticed before. This eclipse should be quite enlightening in regards to government and people who hold powerful offices in our country and globally. If you have planets near 4 degrees of Leo, expect to have something revealed to you. Try to avoid making any changes 5 days either side of the solar eclipse (8/21) and the lunar eclipse (8/7). Right in the middle of the solar and lunar eclipse, Mercury will turn retrograde in the same sign (Leo) as the solar eclipse. Mercury rules over all communications and this intensifies the energy of the eclipse.There is greater likelihood of misunderstandings. Avoid signing contracts or making offers, during this time. Mercury retrograde always causes the usual snafus in contracts. Mercury’s rulership includes technology, trains, planes and automobiles. And a really big important one; the electrical grid. Mercury and all communications play a very important role during this time, and the fact that it is occuring in the middle of the lunar and solar eclipse, gives us a big hint.

The solar eclipse has the most significant impact, especially if it is near personal planets in your natal chart. The lunar eclipse (8/7) effects us more in an emotional way. While the solar eclipse is outer and usually has longer lasting effects. Eclipse time is good for going within. Slowing the pace down can prove to be very beneficial during this time.