The purpose of Vedic astrology is to understand your soul’s purpose for being on the planet. So, that’s all about empowerment, your empowerment. Never has there been a more important time to understand why you are here now.

March 13, 2021 we have a new moon at 28 degrees of Aquarius. All new moons represent a time for a new beginning, clean slate, new opportunities exist. The new moon cycles and that clean slate is good for 30 days. It signifies where you will experience the most change.

This moon is the 3rd moon in 2021 which deals with completing a cycle. As I have mentioned in my YouTube videos, we can not begin something new until we have completed the current path. Since the Moon represents our subconscious mind, you may have some level of awareness of what you are completing. Growth of consciousness occurs on a subtle level. There is no way to measure this, but its importance can in no way be underated at this time.

Many are experiencing dramatic changes in their lives now. Paths are changing. Relationships are changing. What you have reasonated with in the past, may no longer be of interest to you. The Sun and the Moon come together during the new moon, representing our consciousness.

This new moon brings a heighened sensitivity with it due to Neptune and Venus conjunction. If you have it available attend an art gallery, or fashion show. Being impressed easily is easy…with this duo. If you meet someone, well, that first impression might be off, but you won’t know it. If that statement confuses you, it was meant to. That is the energy of Neptune, you do not necessarily get what you see.

We are in the crest of a mystical and spiritual adventure. Do you remember when I spoke about a revolution or a revelation last year? Perhaps they are not to far from each other.

The moon represents your emotional life and it holds the key to your experiences. Every month there is a revealing that takes place and the new moon shines a light for you, if you are paying attention. You can know where to focus your attention to move your life ahead.

If you do not know your ascendant or moon sign, check out my chart calculator here:

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Aquarius is a futuristic sign. It’s ruler is Saturn. It’s influence is that of the 11th house of groups and organizations. Here you will see scientific inventiveness which often comes from ancient techniques or knowledge.. Aquarians believe in an idea or ideal. They have an interest in a more humanitarian approach. Watch for new groups to appear, new organizations, some will be spiritual some will be scientific. Where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are unconventional in some way and idealistic as well.

Here’s a quick explanation of changes you can expect for the next 30 days on this new moon cycle.
You may read it from your rising sign or your moon sign:

Aries: New groups organizations and friends are of interest. Use some caution, it may not be what it looks like. Changes with children.

Taurus: Career opportunities! Could mean a possible relocation..Get that contract agreement in order and have another person look it over, to make sure you have not missed anything.

Gemini: Teaching or learning something new, possible travel. Speaking, speech opportunities. Food is consciousness.

Cancer: This is the month of major changes for you in home, career and relationships.
Confusion in love matters.

Leo: Partnership, both spouse and business changes. Likely changes around female/s friend.

Virgo: Your health routine needs to change. For certain your daily routine will change. Good to get a health check up. Meditation is comforting now.

Libra: Romance, parties, shopping and having fun are on the agenda. (Not so much a webinar).

Scorpio: You are undergoing some deep metamorphosis. Emotional changes home & career are challenging now.
Deep breathe.

Sagittarius: Siblings, short distance travel and communications with all. Your ruling planet, Jupiter is about to make a big move. Big leap ahead, watch out for the fog!

Capricorn: Opportunities to earn. Take a look at the foods you eat, you may feel as if you want to make some changes in your appearance. Don’t hold back. Venus and Neptune will give you all the allure and magic you need.

Aquarius: You are the New Moon lottery winner. What is your cosmic order? Higher consciousness is one of the gifts of this new moon. Neptune and Venus are transiting near each other which can enhance imagination, astral travel…OBE’s if you are open…Mind expansion
Its up to you how you wish to experience it. Time travel? No problem, it’s a full house with the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Venus, and Mercury. You have alot of assistance from all the planetary influences. So set your course, and then set sail, Aquarius!

Happy New Moon Everyone!