Rose ReveleyRose Reveley is a Certified Vedic Astrologer with ACVA (American College of Vedic Astrology). Her passion for astrology began more than a decade ago. Fatefully, her years of searching for the “next career” and her true purpose in life culminated in pulling an astrology book off the shelf of a local bookstore.

Curious about how it could answer so many lingering questions in such little time, Rose immediately scheduled a reading and felt that she had encountered her true love. “At last”, she says, “I could begin to connect the dots. Not only for myself but for other people.

In my search for purpose (dharma), purpose found me!” The ancient science that is called “Jyotish” (science of light) is exactly that. It can illuminate your life.

Rose is passionate about helping others find their “life purpose”. Her healing practices also include teaching others to heal themselves using various mind-body techniques. Rose is also a Consulting Hypnotist, an Ayurvedic Health Educator, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Recently, and adding to her love of teaching and helping others create and transform their lives, Rose is a Facilitator and Coach for The Pillai Center. Pillai Center for Mind Science is an educational institution developed by Dr. Baskaran Pillai. Dr. Pillai’s mission is to alleviate pain and suffering through his educational and spiritual evolution courses.