“I love listening to my chart. It has a very positive impact on my day and reminds me of what I can do if I want to.” ~Judy S.

“I trust your charts so much they have changed my life”. ~J. Baker

“It’s hard to describe the insight and perspective in which Rose’s reading has provided me. The accuracy is amazing and the confidence that I gain each time I listen to it is immeasurable”. ~S.Sledd

“I anticipate and look forward to these readings because they are so accurate. I find them to be almost a guiding light, they give me great insight as to what is coming”. ~Dr. R.

“Getting my chart as a gift was very unexpected. After listening to it, I was amazed at the possibilities that are right in front of me that I never thought of. The reading is very uplifting and I listen to it every few days”. ~Shirley L.