Vedic astrology originated in India more than 5000 years ago.  Many scholars believe it is much older than this.  The Veda’s are India’s most ancient sacred texts.  Vedic astrology is known also as “the eyes of the Veda’s”.  This gift of ancient wisdom can teach us much about our spiritual path.  We have the opportunity to understand ourselves. It is this insight, inner knowing that helps us to change or grow our consciousness.  Vedic astrology helps us to understand our strengths and our weakness, where we may experience challenge and where there are rewards.  With this knowledge, we can understand our personal motivations, improve areas of our lives that we focus on, and most importantly heal our wounds.

What is the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology?

Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac, the one that is seasonal based, the spring equinox begins in March.  Vedic astrology uses the “sidereal” zodiac which is based on the planets actual relationship to the constellations of zodiac stars. This is why you may have a difference in your sign in Western and Vedic, you may have a Virgo Sun in Western astrology and a Leo Sun in Vedic astrology.

Western astrology is more about how you present yourself to the outer world, who you are when you step outside your front door, it is the outer persona. Vedic astrology is more concerned with your spiritual path and so sheds a light on the inner mind & soul.

How can Vedic astrology help me?

There are many ways Vedic astrology can help people. Your own birth chart is something similar to a road map for your life.  Most everyone has experienced challenges in relationships, career, earnings; it is through these challenges that we have the most opportunity to grow. In today’s hurried fast paced world we do not take the necessary time to understand ourselves.  Here is where the road map can help guide you.

Vedic Astrology provides insight, guidance, support for changes in life direction, career, romance, relationships, financial matters, soul purpose, past life. You can determine the best times for beginning any endeavor such as weddings, getting engaged, starting a business. The astrological chart is a blueprint of one’s life, individually created and interpreted.

Why use Vedic Astrology?

Ancient civilizations viewed self-knowledge and understanding as the mark of wisdom. Great sages have said many times, “self-knowledge is the basis of all knowledge”.
Astrology gives us the key to inner understanding.  In today‘s world, many of us do not take time to look inward, yet, this is where we will learn the most, gain knowledge and truly learn to live our purpose