October’s new moon is in the constellation of Libra, ruled by Venus. Here the moon’s energy is soft, smooth and seductive. Enjoying the finer things in life will be of more interest to everyone.
The moon transiting through Libra gives an interest in the arts, fine dining, dancing and shopping. Socializing and going to events with friends is more fun during this time. If you are searching for a soul mate, this could be the time that you find that person. If you already have a partner, or mate, you would enjoy their company along with dining out and socializing with friends.

See predictions below for each sign:

Aries: Coincidences or unusual events may occur around your work, daily routine and your mate. Situations with children and your mate could throw you a curveball. Your communication skills will be tested. Remember to slow down and get all the information and sequence of events before coming to any conclusion.

Taurus: Partner, spouse or mate, even romance could somehow become entangled this month, dear Taurus. Daily routine will be somewhat off. But then, there is another likely scenario and that could involve children. It is a good time for creative sparks, so have your notepad readily available for jotting those ideas down. Otherwise, they will come and go.

Gemini: Your mate or business partner has some ideas to help you with money make ventures.
Even you children get in on the action. Speculation is good, be sure to do your due diligence.
Something unexpected and unusual is coming your way.

Cancer: Home and career are at the top of your to do list. Yes, each one is a big category all by itself. Boss, father or someone in authority could be involved in the career changes. This could be very unexpected, as if career changes are made out of the blue. Be mindful of communications with authority figures and father. Money is involved.

Leo: You may find that you are commuting more or spending more time in your car than you prefer. If you are in an authority position now, or have employees, be very cautious. Everything is not as it appears. Communication is vulnerable during this time.

Virgo: A friend, or organization can be helpful to you now. You may be more focused on earning or making money through unusual ways. Ideas come to you. Real estate opportunities or money through the mother.

Libra: Issues that deal with mate or partner happen unexpectedly. If you are not attached you could meet someone. You will feel as if you have known this person in a past life or it could be someone you knew before in this current life. There will be sense of destiny about this relationship if this is the first meeting.

Scorpio: Your father’s health could suffer during this time. Friends, charities or humanitarian interests play an important role for you now. It is a good time for meditating, pranayama, yoga
And connecting to yourself on deeper level. Foreign travel is a possibility.

Sagittarius: Changes with business partnership or your spouse. Children may throw you a curve ball or share news with you that is surprising. Your work location could change or perhaps needs to change.

Capricorn: Friends may seem to be disappearing or there has been some loss around friends. Changes on the career front that are abrupt. You may be feeling invisible to others. Your mate has commandeered your progress in some way.

Aquarius: Take another look at your health routine. Your physical health could suffer if you are not paying attention. Or, this could also be the scenario for your partner. Any health issues will be difficult to pinpoint, as to the root of the problem. The culprit could be your career. Your ruling planet, Saturn makes a big change towards the end of the month.

Pisces: You are the full moon recipient or beneficiary this month. Something very positive and wonderful has happened in your life. You may have been blessed with a child, or grandchild. Educational opportunities come your way. Life is full and abundant. Count your blessings.