The first Mercury retrograde for 2020 begins on Feb. 16th. Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius and in the same nakshatra, Shattabishak as the New Moon falls in on Feb. 23rd.

First lets talk about Mercury retrograde. Most everyone is familiar with how Mercury’s energy works during its retrograde.It’s all about “review”. Communication does not seem to flow forward as easy when Mercury retrogrades. ONe of the things I’ve noticed, personally, is that it is easy for people to misunderstand or mishear what you are trying to communicate.
What you say. Sometimes, they simply do not hear all that you said or interpreted it incorrectly. Basically, we have to pay closer attention to the way we communicate during this time. Here are a few things to avoid if possible.
Signing contracts (any long term contract, that can be buying a house, or even leasing an apt. Or a home) If you must, have another set of eyes look it over. Mercury retrograde is notorious for forgetting something important that needs to be included in the contract.
Avoid buying a vehicle or electrical or computer items, these items will be flawed in some way.
Avoid starting a new project.
Mercury retrograde is good for reassessing where you are. After all, the retrograde signals us that we’ve missed something. vital to moving our lives ahead. IF you are in school or doing any kind of studies, it will benefit you to review what you’ve learned from the past.
Mercury in the sign of Aq. produces “forward thinking” scientific thinking, and its quite good at research and has a different approach.
Review your emails before you hit the ‘send’ button!
It is a good time for reassessing where you are, editing past material or projects and preparing for when Mercury turns direct. IF you are an early bird, this will be an especially good time to prepare or gather all the information you need to do your taxes. You may also come in contact with or communicate with people from the past, such as business aquaintances or friends. Make sure you back up all your devices and have your spyware intact. Mercury turns direct on March 9th.

A nice energy for February is Venus the planet that rules love and relationships is exalted in the sign of Pisces. The energy of Venus in Pisces is refined, gives a love of the arts and all things that are beautiful. it is gentle, polite and loves luxury. So this Valentine’s Day we will see some really luxurious gift giving.Venus exalted is operating at its highest and best. This is a place of deep inspiration and the ability to care for others. You will see more of a focus on Women and Women’s issues during this transit. It will last from Feb. 3- Feb. 28. This is an excellent place for enjoying Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 7th, Mars entered Sagittarius, where it is now traveling with Ketu, the South Node and Jupiter and Pluto. Pluto is an outer planet and affects more on a mass level. It transits out of Sag. and into Capricorn Feb. 26th.

On Feb. 25th and 26th, Mars the warrior planet conjuncts Ketu, the South Node. On Sept. 11, 2001, we had a similar transit with the nodes being in destructive nakshatras. This time, Ketu is in Mula, and Rahu in Ardra. Both Mula and Ardra are stars that deal with destruction. Mars energy can be that of accidents, it deals with the military, it deals with disruption, weapons and weaponry and violence.

The deity of Mula is Nirriti, the goddess of destruction which has the power to tear things apart. Ardra, is the “teardrop” whose deity is Rudra, the lord of storms and destruction. Ardra means “the moist one” and is said to be the teardrop. THis is destructive energy I am talking about.

There is another and more beneficial energy here and one that is healing.

This time Jupiter is transiting with Mars and Ketu. Jupiter is the “Guru” planet, and deals with knowledge, wisdom and the higher mind.

Every planet can operate in a higher more conscious place or a lower
Unconscious place.

Mars on a higher more conscious level operates as a spiritual warrior.This can be such a healing time and also lifting consciousness on the planet. Here is what you can do to help before this transit takes place. And I”m talking about 5 days prior to the transit.

17 seconds of continual positive thought is said to manifest.

We are constantly manifesting. Being conscious of your thoughts is very important. Affirmation can turn negative thought into positive thought.

EFT, tapping keeping your thoughts positive.Meditate,
Yoga, mantras, these are all ways of working with your energy. The goal is to keep yourself in a high vibration.

Small acts of kindness. We are all connected.
And this helps to heal the planet and helps others. your energy, your thoughts, are affecting others every minute of the day. What you do is really important, especially during this time.

The New Moon takes place in the sign of Aquarius at 10 degrees. Remember I said earlier that Mercury was turning retrograde in Aq., the nakshatra of “Shatabhisha”. This word translates as “hundreds of healers or “hundreds of cures”. Also “hundreds of flowers” meaning it has a connection to herbs and flowers. Illness in this star is very difficult to cure.

And then cures that are applied within this star are highly effective.
Possibly then there is a cure for the outbreak of the “coronavirus” through
Using flowers or herbs.

The moon and the mind are connected. The moon is our feelings and our emotions. Mercury is our “thinking mind” or our intellectual mind. It deals more with analizing, logics and critiqueing. While the moon is how we feel.

With Mercury’s retrograde during this new moon, we will be experiencing thoughts and feelings from the past. We may meet people from the past and this brings these thoughts and emotions up for us to deal with. With Mercury’s retrograde, you may learn something new, that is the truth about the past.
Remember, the star, Shatabisha is a star of great healing potential. What is cured under this star is highly effective

Whatever comes up for you, means it is time to let go of it and heal it.

The New Moon is where we experience the most change in our lives within that month.

Aries: Career & home. About the end of Feb. you are going to see and feel progress with what you are wanting to manifest.

Taurus: Venus is exalted in the house of friendship now. Take advantage through Feb. This is a highly creative time for you. Venus is in the house of gains. Meaning you can get ahead now. Moon in your career sector.

Gemini: Putting yourself out there. IN terms of publishing, teaching, writing.

Cancer: Big changes, emotionally and professionally. Now you may not see
The outer effect, but it is the inner effect I am talking about. Feb. full moon happened in your 1st house signalling big changes for you personally.
The New moon is in the 8th house.

Leo: Partner and business partner. Likely to be losses or changes with them, financially. Something is ending. It could be a partner retiring.

Virgo: You are experiencing desires to change and break out of the old
Routine. Mercury has you reviewing the past, time to heal it and move on
To your new adventure.

Libra: YOur ruling planet, Venus is exalted, enjoy this time. It’s great for entertaining, love of the arts, movies, beautiful clothes and luxurious trips.
The new moon brings new ideas of speculation. ITs a good time for that!

Scorpio: Your ruling planet Mars, has just moved to Sag. Giving you more inspiration. The end of Feb. will be a better time for Martians, (Aries too).
Focus on your finances and what you eat.

Sagittarius: Communication will be important this month.Take care with short distance travel, all communications and especially communications with siblings, brothers.

Capricorn: Saturn your ruling planet is in its dignity now, being very strong,
You can come across as overpowering. Take care with authority, use your
Authority in a benefic way.

Aquarius: You may feel flooded with thoughts from the past and thoughts of the future. Meditation or simply being in nature can help you calm your mind. If you are in to yoga, you know that “pranayama” or breath work can
Become your best friend. AND one that is creative with all those thoughts.

Pisces:You have transitioned that career into one that is more universal or spiritual in some way. Giving fulfill receiving and receiving fulfils giving. VEnus in your 1st house exalted is highly creative
And intuitive. Go with your intuition, especially while Venus is exalted here.
And go ahead and spring for that luxurious Valentine’s gift.