Saturn the slowest moving planet in the cosmos just made a big move out of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius! As Saturn transited through Mars ruled Scorpio, it was in enemy territory. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius will be very different. First, Saturn and Jupiter ruled Sagittarius are neutral to each other. In the ancient scriptures it is said that Saturn gives excellent results in the sign of Sagittarius. Below is a short list of ways that Saturn will benefit us overall, as it begins to transit through Sagittarius. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until 2020.

Overall more positive in nature
Good for learning
Charitable & humanitarian organizations benefit
Slow, steady career growth
Brings more discipline, focus, & organization

If your Moon Sign is in:

(If you do not know your Moon sign, email me at with your birth date,
time, city and full name. I will email you the zodiac sign for your Moon).

Aries: Education and travel are highlighted. Relationship with father or guru could become more steady. Interest in religion or spiritual matters may become stronger.

Taurus: Good for research. You may come into inheritance or extra money at this time. Work environment should be with others who support you. Intuition will be activated.

Gemini: Good for strengthening relationship with spouse or mate. Also good for commitment
to business partnership. Travel to a foreign country or working with foreigners is possible.

Cancer: Excellent time for strengthening yourself in work relationships with others. Pay attention to your health and daily routine. Slow improvement with finances.

Leo: Good for romantic adventures. Religious or spiritual studies may interest you. Excellent for learning meditation and mantra. Exercise some caution with investments.

Virgo: You will become more organized. Professional or career growth is slow and steady. Be frugal with finances. Possible move or relocation.

Libra: Willpower is stronger. Relationships with siblings can improve. Short distance travels may increase. You will receive rewards for your efforts during this time.

Scorpio: Good for focusing on financial matters. Pay attention to your health and the foods you eat. Think about the words you say and speak the truth.

Sagittarius: Redefine and reorganize yourself, and your career. Time to start anew. Get a health checkup. Start a new daily health routine.

Capricorn: Time for a retreat. You may be going through a transformation during this time.
Allow yourself time for healing and renewing your mental and emotional body. Give or contribute to your community or to a charitable cause.

Aquarius: Friendships that are more stable are helpful. Eventual gains. You may develop an interest in antiques, or historical items that you can profit from.

Pisces: Career opportunities are the focus. Make sure you have a routine down. New job opportunities should be checked thoroughly for the responsibility that you will taking. This transit will also highlight your status and improve your reputation.