Sagittarius is the sign of this new moon, the nakshatra is “Purva Ashadha”. Purva Ashadha means the undefeated or unsubdued. It is also called the “invincible star”. People born into this nakshatra desire to make or improve their life situation. They may receive flashes of intuition that gives insight to divine law.They usually enjoy fame, wealth and wisdom and have the ability to influence the masses. The moon in Sagittarius brings a positive attitude. Here, we can be grateful for our blessings. At the same time we care about and have interest in others, and may become interested in doing humanitarian work. This is a good time for opening our hearts and minds to learn new things.

January begins a New Year. And just as 2016 has brought in many unexpected events, there is no doubt that 2017 will be just as event filled! Mercury’s retrograde starts us off with a review. The reason that is important is because Mercury has domain over all communications. The internet comes to mind here. It is a big interconnection of information connections. Allowing us the ability to communicate with people in other countries, receiving and sending information easily. Mercury’s retrograde takes place in the sign of Sagittarius. The usual applies here, it is best to avoid signing contracts, leasing a house, buying or selling a house just to give a few examples. Double check your appointments and meeting places and times. Mercury, ever the trickster will cause snafus in regards to communicating. Thinking twice before sending some email notes is not a bad habit to get into. Car purchases and repairs, if possible should be delayed. Mercury rules electronics. As Mercury travels through “mula” nakshatra it will cause a loss of connection or communication that is not forthcoming. The dates for this are 12/28/16 – 1/22/17 Mercury will go direct on January 9th, but will continue to be in Mula nakshatra until January 22, 2017. If you have natal planets in Sagittarius you will feel Mercury’s influence.

Again, retrograde gives us the opportunity to review, reassess and even to receive information.This information may come on an intuitive level. Mercury stations on January 28th. This is important because when a planet stations, it is sayng “Stop, look I have something important to say”. Pay close attention to the information you are receiving at that time.

The first half of January, the Sun is transiting through the sign of Sagittarius as well as Mercury. They are never too far from each other. The Sun in Sagittarius gives us a sense of adventure, it is warmhearted and has generosity for all. The Sun represents “atma”, the spirit of us which is boundless and eternal. The Sun’s transit here, can help you to take action. Tapping into your gifts and turning them into wealth. On January 13th, the Sun will move into the sign of Capricorn. In Capricorn the Sun is more thoughtful, practical and responsible. But it is also quietly, ambitious. We become more careful and a bit more contemplative before moving ahead. This is a good placement for organizing, structuring.

Jupiter continues its transit through Virgo. Giving us the ability to pay attention to the details. Virgo has an interest in health matters. Homeopathy, naturopathy and most natural products will flourish while Jupiter is transiting this sign. Complimentary and alternative medicines will also expand. Jupiter expands these areas, but also brings in new knowledge that is helpful and beneficial for all. Jupiter is exchanging energy with Mercury currently. In the USA’s chart Jupiter is transiting through the 10th house which is connected to employment and jobs. Jupiter is good for teachers, teaching, counseling. It is an excellent time for learning. (Yes, Mercury’s retrograde means their is a review that is needed). Jupiter will turn retrograde in early February. More to come on Jupiter’s retrograde in my next newsletter.

Mars the planet of energy has been traveling with Ketu, Neptune and Venus and squaring off with Saturn. Whew! That is alot of energy that is all tangled up. Both Ketu and Neptune have a dissolving effect. Mars squaring with Saturn has caused obstacles for Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius. Plus, Mars crossing over the eclipse degree point will certainly bring obstacles, and violence. At the beginning of the New Year, Venus will be near Ketu and this can bring old loves or past loves back into your life. On January 8th, Venus, the planet of love will conjunct with Ketu, the south node, which deals with the past. This can bring in someone from your past and that means the past in this life or a past life. It’s possible you may reconnect with a past love. If you have planets in Aquarius or Leo, its possible this could be an intense time for you.

Rahu continues to transit through the sign of Leo. Rahu in Leo is good for creation of wealth, It is creative and has an unusual approach to business. It’s challenge can be staying on task. It can be inventive and unique. This is an excellent place for entrepreneurship!

Revolutionary planet, Uranus turned direct on December 29, 2016 and continues to square off with Pluto, the transformer. Yes, we are in the midst or revolutionary transformation!

Saturn begins to finish up its long sojourn through Scorpio. It has been in Scorpio since November 2014. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, taking its time, approximately 2.5 years to move through a sign. On January 27, 2017, it will make its big move to Sagittarius. It will retrograde back into Scorpio around mid -year. Saturn in Sagittarius will have a much different effect than it did in Scorpio. It is not quite finished with plumming the hidden that is still waiting to unfold in Scorpio. And as it does goes through those last degrees before entering Sagittarius, this is called “gandanta”. Gandanta is when a planet is moving from a water sign into a fire sign. The difficulty is as it deals with unraveling. The unraveling can be what we are feeling. This is said to be a time of great karmic growth. It will have its challenges, but we must remember that often it is our resistance that causes us the greatest pain.

Saturn in Sagittarius will work slowly, as that is Saturn’s nature. With benefic Jupiter, who was the preceptor or teacher to the Gods. Saturn gives the power of leadership and with Jupiter brings in wisdom. These energies are the most spiritual and they are coming together in 2017! This is truly such an exciting time to be on the planet.

Predictions for each rising sign below:

Aries: Home and children bring its blessings to you in large measure. You are embarking on a new career, which at the moment is still somewhat undefined. Mercury’s retrograde period will help you to go back and grab that important information, filling in the blanks. Tip: Don’t allow Mercury’s retrograde to get you too caught up in thinking. A good mantra and good thought to automatically go to is being grateful for all that is in your life now.

Taurus: Tis the season of change. You may be feeling as if no one is listening or that your communication is going into the abyss. Know that is temporary and will shift. Your ruling planet, Venus is in a wealth producing nakshatra. Focus on your creativity, large groups and organizations. Here’s a tip to stir your Venus. Tune into Billion Dollar Buyer.

Gemini: Partner and the comforts of home make this an enjoyable time. Work from home may also bring in extra finances. It’s time to go back and review some education material that you have used before. Your ruling planet, Mercury insists on it. You are the beneficiary of this knowledge. And eventually that means it goes into your bank account.

Cancer: Details, details, details. Oh, I know dear Cancer, that sounds so boring. But tis necessary. The Moon’s energy here (accompanied by Mercury) would like you also to rethink your current health routine. Maybe time for another opinion. Or just time for you to review and revise your own health routine. Pranayama, also known as “breath work”, can help you tremendously. Taking three deep breaths throughout your day will clear your busy mind and oxygenate your blood.

Leo: Yes, dreams can have information and knowledge in them. Sometimes they are reoccurring, possibly giving us multiple opportunities to understand. An enterprise from the past may be coming around again for you to take another look at. Perhaps a friend is also involved. You benefit from children and females during this time.

Virgo: Friends lift your spirits. Get togethers work out well during this time. Home entertainment will definitely make your “happy place”. Your ruling planet, Mercury is nudging you to go back and do some reviewing. This likely has to do with your home and possibly working from home, but also could involve your mom and possible health issues. It’s a good time to connect with her.

Libra: It’s a great time for an adventure. If you write or publish, you will receive gains. If you decide to travel during this time, review your travel itinerary for any possible snafu’s that Mercury would be involved with. Friends and siblings will be ready to help you in case you need it!

Scorpio: Checking in with your health care routine could save you some expenses later. Some influential person could help you take your career up a notch.Yes, it is you that will do all the work, but they could be the connecting dot. Mercury’s retrograde will bring in friends from the past or someone you have not connected with in a while.

Sagittarius: You are the “new moon” winner this month. The moon’s energy here in your 1st house will have you thinking about relationships from the past. It can be helpful to review, but try to avoid getting stuck in the “what if’s”. This review period could offer a solution in terms of improving your communicating skills. Partners or mate from the past could show up, giving you the chance to heal your past.

Capricorn: Changes with your mate or partner. You will not care to share your thoughts or feelings at this time. Volunteering your time to any needy organization will have great benefits for you. It is a good time to gain spiritual knowledge. Review your health routine, here is an opportunity to make the correction.

Aquarius: Friends and females benefit you. Reverse engineering is a way of thinking for now. Mercury, the communicator helps in an eccentric (just your style) kind of way. Make sure you are writing down your unusual ideas on a notepad. You may want to change your dress or hair style. Energetically, Mars will help you ignite your ideas to something more concrete. Keep with it.

Pisces: The winds of change in terms of your career have been blowing your way for awhile. Mercury has you reviewing matters that deal with your home and your mate. Creativity is not a challenge for you. Children are your best source for ideas. You are in the midst of a (career) makeover of sorts. This may also involve your mate or another business partner. Be sure to consider your family when you make new commitments.

Happy New Moon!

May all beings be blessed by the Light

Wishing all my Astro Friends a healthy, happy and wonder-filled New Year!