April 13, 2022, a long-awaited transit for Jupiter takes place. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter transited through the sign of Pisces.  Do you feel that?  I can…its optimism returning…and I say, “bring it” Jupiter!

Jupiter is a benefic planet that brings us opportunities. It is the planet that is associated with religion, spiritual affairs, traditional beliefs, and faith.  For the past 2 years, Jupiter has not been able to function at its highest and best. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and truthfulness. It also governs law and legal affairs. It is the planet that brings blessings. And the one quality I love most about Jupiter is its ability to bring solutions to any problem we may have. You might say, we have been experiencing a severe Jupiter drought.

 Take heart now! Jupiter’s entrance to Pisces signals a change in all of these areas and more. 

Jupiter is the karaka (indicator of) children. It is also the karaka of spouse in the chart for females.  If you have been experiencing difficulties in these areas, there will be a shift on the positive side.

Jupiter is the optimism we feel and the faith we have that there is a divine higher power working in what feels like a world spinning out of control. We are not just a rock 93 million years from the Sun. A well placed Jupiter in one’s chart bestows the higher evolutionary qualities of man; faith, truthfulness, compassion, charity and wisdom. Those qualities that make one a good leader.  

You may feel as you read this that we’ve experienced the opposite of that over the past years. And I would be inclined to agree. Since Jupiter was debilitated in Capricorn in 2020 and has struggled through the sign of Aquarius, another Saturn owned sign. It is said that when Jupiter and Saturn have a connection in the chart it gives one a great “spiritual interest”. Maybe that is that when nothing works on a material level, we finally give up control and turn to God. 

Jupiter is called the “Guru” planet. In astrology, Jupiter in Pisces is called “swakshetra”, meaning it’s in a sign it owns. That gives it extra special powers. 

You may already be feeling this important and what I believe is “life-changing” planet’s optimism.  Every sign in the zodiac will benefit from Jupiter’s transit to Pisces.

Now, we will be able to find solutions, experience more joy and see the hand of the Divine in our everyday life.  I believe we will see a “spiritual renaissance”. Consciousness has shifted. 

Spiritual warriors are everywhere.  It’s time. 

OM GURUVAE NAMAHA  (mantra to Jupiter)