The month of February begins with Venus exalted. Venus is the planet that represents love and beauty. As Venus travels through the sign of Pisces, it will give us the chance to experience all that Venus stands for. If you are searching for a mate, Venus will help you find your special soul mate. If you want to improve your current relationship, this is the optimum time to do so. A strong Venus can give sexual power and attraction. This is the perfect time to magnetize to you what you desire. Venus power operates in a subtle way. Venus operating on a low level may deal with sex and violence. On a higher level Venus becomes more spiritual and is concerned with love, beauty, refinement and truth. Our ability to create is directly related to Venus. Venus can also be inspirational. Inspiring us to create works of art, music, poetry. In fact all the fine arts are influenced by Venus.

As Venus is concerned with beauty and the finer things in life, it also deals with our self-worth. Who do we value? What do we value? This transit will help us define these areas of our lives, if needed. This will be the ultimate time to look at your relationships and perhaps re-define what it is that you have felt to be lacking. Venus will retrograde on March 5- April 15th. During that time you will have the opportunity for reviewing your relationships. Retrograde periods are best used to review and reassess. It is possible for a past love to come back into your life during the retrograde period. Or you may be dealing with past love experiences. Venus retrogrades about every 18 months.
Venus transit through Pisces could be the absolute sweetest and most beneficial treat that we experience in 2017. It will give us the chance to heal past relationships, to renew and revitalize the ones we have now. Love is the ultimate healing power. Venus will turn direct on April 15th and remain exalted all the way until May 31st. This is an unusually long stay for Venus, but one that is much needed for us individually and for us globally. Our intentions to heal will help to heal our planet. It begins individually with each of us. Then it moves into mass consciousness and awareness.
You may experience more psychic powers during this time. It will be a good time to visit art museums or just taking a walk in a beautiful park. Venus rules the senses. Intimate and romantic dinners are a natural now. Purchasing beautiful clothes, or jewelry are also right in line with Venus energy. Visualize your desires, make a dream board, light a candle and ask Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity to assist you in obtaining what you want. Wear the color turquoise on Friday, Venus’ day. Venus in Pisces can bestow money, wealth, comfort, and prosperity to name a few!

On February 11th, there is a lunar eclipse at 28 degrees of Cancer. This eclipse will have an impact dealing with our emotions and our mind. Both the Moon and Mercury will be activated. The Moon is the emotional – intuitive mind and Mercury represents the intellectual – thinking mind. Eclipses are by nature somewhat unpredictable. They often sweep in unexpected change. This is especially true if they come near the degrees of natal planets in your chart. The sign of Cancer is a water sign and is sensitive and intuitive in nature. You may notice that people will become highly emotional around this time. This will be a good time to pay close attention to your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Memories from the past may come to the forefront. Allowing yourself space for these feelings can help with healing. Since this one is a lunar eclipse, it affects us more internally. Be aware of your thoughts, for they create energy. Try to keep your thoughts positive, as this helps the overall energy of the planet. Weather patterns and volcanic activity will increase during this time.

On February 26th, there will be a solar eclipse at 14 degrees of Aquarius. Solar eclipses have a longer lasting effect than lunar eclipses. In fact, the results can follow us for up to 1 year and in some cases longer. Aquarius is a sign that deals with humanitarian concerns and interest. The symbol for Aquarius is a man holding a pot of water pouring out the cosmic rain that nourishes.
This eclipse will bring about about an event that reveals the need for healing. Eclipses are revealing. They bring things out of the darkness into the light.

February’s New moon falls in the constellation of Capricorn. The nakshatra associated with this new moon is Shravana. Shravana means to “hear” and is also called “the star of learning”. This is an excellent time for going within. Through quiet contemplation and meditation we give space to higher consciousness. People who are born into this nakshatra are lifelong learners. The energy of this star promotes taking medical action and pursuing remedial measures. It is also good for purchasing property, buying a new home and making peace.

Please see predictions below for your rising sign:

Aries: You may not feel exactly comfortable with the energy of the month, due to your ruling planet Mars taking a back seat. However, used rightly, this could be an extremely productive time for you. Your mind may be full of creative ideas that pertain to your career. The next step is you need access to them. It’s a good time to relax your body and your mind. Walking meditation and visualization will both help you gain access to those ideas that are running through your mind.

Taurus: Traveling both short and long distances are on the agenda for you this month. Making new acquaintances will help you advance in most every aspect of your life. You may be considering some new education during this time. Communication with siblings flows easier.
Venus, your ruling planet, is adding to this fortuitous time. Financial speculations go well. It’s a great time to enjoy all the comforts of life!

Gemini: Finances with your business and partner may fluctuate during this time. Perhaps a project that you have worked on took up more time and money than you originally had planned for. Take a deep breath and trust that the Universe has it all under control. There will be a pay off for it. Your everyday work place is headed for a smooth out. Career upgrade is just around the corner!

Cancer: Someone from your past may show up during this time. Being the “feeling” sign of the zodiac, this could cause you some emotional upheaval. Take all the time you need, do not let anyone rush you to making a hasty decision. Saturn, the planet that rules your relationship house just changed signs. That means more changes for you the relationship area of your life.
Be mindful of your expenses during this time.

Leo: Work has most certainly seemed like work lately. But all work and no play takes its toll.You may be pushing your physical limits. Time to integrate a healthy workout routine. If you already have one, tweaking it won’t hurt. Here’s a few tips, slow walks in nature, walking meditation, or Tai Chi. All of these help the mind to relax, that is the ultimate goal for now, dear Leo.

Virgo: A new romantic interest has your attention. This initiates the creative part of your mind.
It could be a business venture that is associated with this romantic interest. In case they are not one and the same, that means you have quite a lot of changes in your life now! You could be contemplating a move.

Libra: It’s likely that you are dealing with health issues for either one or both of your parents. You will get along well with your co-workers and benefit within your work environment. If your work involves details, you will have an advantage, as you will be especially skilled at this. If you are looking for employment, you will be able to obtain a great job and excellent pay.

Scorpio: Career and communication is on your mind. How to maximize those two and turn them into profits. Siblings could be helpful now, in terms of communicating and contributing to ideas.
Techniques, skill and format that you use for communicating will take on a more positive, yet still serious tone. This will be an intuitive skill that will you will begin to use naturally.

Sagittarius: Listening could be the single most important thing you do now. Other’s thoughts and ideas influence you. Pay attention to expenses during this time. Health matters could involve upper respiratory, ears and sinus. Your ruling planet, Jupiter will turn retrograde the early February. Your career is up for a review period. Time to re-evaluate what works and what need fine tuning, Sagittarius!

Capricorn: It’s likely you have felt an energy shift. Saturn, your ruling planet has moved to Sagittarius. It is a good time for a mid-winter break. Any quiet remote place that you can get away to will be soothing. There will be a tendency towards a more spiritual life. Working with charitable causes or helping the needy will be more fulfilling for you. Yoga, meditation and mind body techniques will also help you to take care of your health.

Aquarius: Matters that deal with friends, your public image and career are in the process of changing. At first glance, this may be cause of concern for you. Your ruling planet, Saturn has transited from Scorpio (an enemy sign) to Sagittarius. Here the energy is more positive. Ultimately, this will be helpful to you. You will be able to establish healthier, more focused and serious friendships. Changes to your everyday routine are in order.

Pisces: There are benefits from your eldest sibling now. Friends also come to your aid. It’s possible that you have multiple opportunities during this time. Speculations go well for you.
Your ruling planet, Jupiter will turn retrograde early February. It will be time to review matters that deal with your partnerships. That includes both marital and business partnerships.