Oh yeah, you can feel it and you will notice it.
It’s called “joy” and though we are spiritual beings, we are still having a human experience. When I was a child and going to church, very regularly we would sing a song….I’ve got the joy, joy, joy down deep in my heart. Just singing the song would give you the joy…so go ahead, sing it!

Jupiter is the planet of faith and optimisim. Now, finally away from Saturn and Pluto (1st rate malefics) it can operate freely. Jupiter is a benefic planet. Even if you do not know anything about astrology, you probably know that Jupiter is the planet that brings opportunties, luck and fortune. So it’s good to know how that transit is going to bring you good stuff. Jupiter rules faith, devotion and spirituality. We will begin to see these qualities come out now. Oh, and Jupiter gives you the ability to solve your problems.

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You will want to stay in the light and keep the joy down deep in your heart….