Rahu and Ketu, the nodes reveal our karmic destiny.  Where the nodes transit is where we feel the most impact throughout the upcoming year.

On March 16, 2022, Rahu will transit into the sign of Aries and Ketu transits into the sign of Libra. 

What does destiny have in store for you in 2022?

Below, I’ve given you a “sneak peak” at what is coming up for your rising/ascendant sign. If you want to know the real skinny on how the upcoming year looks for you, you will want to contact me for a reading/consult into the stars. 

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Vedic Signs – Rahu & Ketu transit to Aries/Libra

Aries:  Focus on your personal power. Build alliances with others.

Taurus:  Good for spiritual seekers. Your destiny may change through spiritual studies. 

Gemini:  Benefits come to you through friends. Timing is good for connecting through groups and associations.

Cancer:  What you are doing and what you will be doing turn a corner. Career changes or an additional side gig come into play.

Leo:  You may be teaching or learning something new and unusual. You could be drawn to unusual or metaphysical subjects. 

Virgo:  Nothing will escape your “detective” skills. Research and uncovering secrets will be your gift. Gain through others or benefits  through other’s support.

Libra: Strong desire for partner/partnering.  Partner may be from a foreign land, or will be unusual in some way. 

Scorpio: Your approach to healing may have a spiritual component. You will be able to use your “creativity” to solve any challenge.

Sagittarius:  Life becomes a party for you, Sag.  You are a truth seeker. This timing is good for increasing your spiritual knowledge. Chanting and music will bring you joy.

Capricorn:  Gains come through real estate or land. You will build up your assets during this time. 

Aquarius:  You have a different or unique way of expressing yourself. Excellent time for marketing, writing, and publishing. 

Pisces: Speaking could be a new avenue of earning for you. You will benefit from making money through others. Commissions, bonuses, or partnering bring in extra money. 

Happy New Year!