In Vedic astrology, when two planets come together it is called a conjunction. It blends the energy of the two planets. In this case we are talking about Venus and Rahu. These two energies transit together on March 17, 2023.

 Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Rahu is not a planet but is an elliptical point in the sky and is sometimes referred to as a shadow planet and also the North Node. 

Rahu is associated with desires, obsession, materialism and worldly attachments. 

Venus, on the other hand, represents love, beauty, luxury, relationships, and material comforts. When these two planets come together in conjunction, their energies combine and can have both positive and negative effects.

This duo (Rahu & Venus) will be transiting through the sign of Mars ruled Aries. Adding another level of intensity. Mars is a planet of passion and action. Mars and Venus have often been referred to as the “celestial lovers”. Although they are not friends with each other. They have differing agendas. Love and passion are still at the center of these two energies. Bring in Rahu which is also the indicator of foreigners and foreign places and unusual situations.

This is beginning to read like a novel. A passionate love affair that begins in a beautiful foreign land. Or a passionate love affair that begins with a beautiful foreign man or woman. Okay, okay, maybe it’s all of that but for certain it will be “unusual”. And the future of it will probably be “unpredictable” (Rahu). But isn’t that what makes a passionate love affair, the unpredictability of it…..

But wait, not so fast with the romance of Venus and Rahu, add a dash of Mars (passion) energy.  Here are some other possibilities. First, look to the sign of Aries in your chart. Aries and Libra ascendants should exercise special caution. You know like love at first sight at the train station or on a cruise, or in an elevator… Caution around any place that has fog (Rahu).

Other signs may experience a strong desire for love, relationships, and material comforts. This may lead to obsessive behavior and attachment for material comforts.

Becoming hyper focused on one’s physical appearance and material gain may upset the harmony in your life.  Rahu is associated with unusual experiences and relationships. Venus represents love and relationships. So, this conjunction can lead to some unorthodox or unconventional relationships that deal with the heart. Of course, all of this depends on other aspects in the chart. 

Venus is a planet that loves to create beautiful art works and music. Rahu loves the unusual. So if you are an artist or into music and creating out of the ordinary this is your time!

Rahu is known to be something of a deceiver. There is always a price to pay for Rahu.

Deception and betrayal are associated with this illusionary point (Rahu) in the sky. Venus represents love and relationships, so this conjunction can also indicate a risk of deception or betrayal in matters of the heart, leading to heartbreak and disappointment.

Of course, the full effects of any conjunction will vary depending on the overall chart and the individual’s karma and free will.

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