On October 26, 2017, Saturn completes its long sojourn through the sign of Scorpio. Now, it begins a new journey through the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn has many names, it is often referred to as the “timekeeper” or “taskmaster”. Most often, though, it is called the “karmic indicator”. This gives you an idea of just how very important this planet is. Saturn has many attributes. I will list only a few here, it is likely, they will be recognizable. First, and foremost Saturn specializes in frustration, restriction, delays, sorrow and adversity. Yet, this planet when strong in a person’s chart will bestow discipline, responsibility, honesty, integrity and sincerity. Ancient Hindu scriptures say Saturn’s most beneficial qualities give one the ability to be a leader in their village. It is also said that what Saturn gives to you, no one can take away. This does not mean it comes easy. Any planet whose other name is the taskmaster will be a strong hint for knowing work is involved. For Saturn demands hard work, perseverance and persistence. As a planet that deals with leadership and authority figures, it is also indicated in elders, or mature and older people.Relating to longevity, it indicates the length of one’s life in the chart.

The good news is that Saturn has left the sign of Scorpio. It has now transited to the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn are neutral to each other. So this creates a very different energy than we have experienced over the last 2 and a half years. You might say Saturn will be a happier camper now. The focus for Saturn now will be to bring large organizations, higher educational institutions, and laws of our land in to check. The weak link of these and more will be brought to the surface. Where there is disorganization, misappropriate use, abuse or dishonesty, an unveiling of sorts will occur. These are only a few of Saturn’s outward agenda. This will become slowly noticeable, as Saturn’s movement is slow and methodical.

On a personal level, mastering Saturn could be the biggest job anyone might ever do within a lifetime. After all, this is the planet that indicates our karma. One might even think, where do I start? As Saturn rules aging, elders and maturity and likes us to be responsible, it is also concerned with growing us inwardly. It is the planet of spirituality. It bestows the highest of human qualities; honesty, integrity, sincerity, discipline. The larger task, might be that of growing our consciousness.

Below, I have listed each rising sign and what matters Saturn may require you to pay attention to. Keep in mind, Saturn is the slowest moving of planets. It gives us plenty of time to make the correction and apply the effort.(Key words for Saturn are “pay attention” and “effort required”).
The moon’s location to transiting Saturn also plays a very large part in our emotional experience. In order to fully understand Saturn’s transit both internal and external, it is a good idea to have a Vedic consultation. Please contact me at : rreveley10@gmail.com

It will remain in the sign of Sagittarius until Jan. 25, 2020.

Saturn’s transit through your rising sign:

Aries: Matters dealing with father, faith, higher education, teaching, travel

Taurus: Matters dealing with financial areas, income, resources, partner’s income

Gemini: Matters dealing with spouse, mate, business partner

Cancer: Matters dealing with health, everyday work routine

Leo: Matters dealing with children, speculation, romance

Virgo: Matters dealing with home, mother, emotions

Libra: Matters dealing with communications, siblings, short distance travel

Matters dealing with finances, diet, resources

Sagittarius:Matters dealing with physical body, health, conduct

Capricorn: Matters dealing with health, physical and emotional well-being

Aquarius: Matters dealing with friends, groups, organized groups

Pisces: Matters dealing with career, home, balance of both