SOLAR ECIPSEThe March solar eclipse is falling at 24 degrees in the sign Aquarius. Eclipse’s are harbingers for change. Most everyone would agree that the world is undergoing a transformational change. The upcoming eclipses will kick it all off. Some changes we may be enthusiastic about, others, hmm, not so much. The eclipses occurring in March will be somehow revealing for us. The solar eclipse occurs on March 9th, and will have an affect on us in an outward way. The lunar eclipse will follow 2 weeks afterwards on March 23rd at 8 degrees of Virgo. Lunar eclipses tend to have more of an emotional impact on us. If you have planets near the degree points of the eclipse, expect changes in the houses where they fall in your chart. It is best to delay making any decisions around eclipse time. I can remember accepting a position years ago, it was near the solar eclipse. I needed to give an answer almost right away about taking on the responsibility of the job. I really liked the person who would be the one in charge. But as it turned out, the requirements for the job quickly changed and so it did not work out. I’m giving this as an example so you can see that what you think you see or know can change just over the course of a few days when an eclipse is involved. When doing a Vedic consultation I always say 5 days either side of the eclipse (before or after) are days to wait out. I know patience is required here. The eclipse degrees are sensitive degree points in the chart and when close to your personal planets will bring about an event.
Aquarius and Virgo, heads up! The eclipses are falling within your signs. For Aquarius this is all about YOU, and the decisions you make now will likely have a lasting and reverberating effect on your life. Virgo, yours is more of an emotional impact and though it is unseen, make no mistake it is no less powerful than the solar eclipse Aquarius will be dealing with. Mars the planet of action, energy and war entered its own sign of Scorpio on Feb 21st. Over the next months Mars will continue to gain strength in a sign it rules. Saturn is also in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn likes to move slow and Mars likes to move fast, and does not necessarily appreciate any interference. When these 2 get together it causes anger and frustration. As we watch what is taking place in the world and the political arena, we can clearly see Mars and Saturn are already going at it. These 2 planets will conjunct in August. I will be talking more about how this will be playing out in our world. The same applies here as to where the eclipses are falling for you in your natal chart. The house that Scorpio represents is where you will feel the most frustrated and angry. Here, though is also the challenge to grow. When you feel frustrated it is best to slow down, instead of trying to push through the frustration. Frustration is a signal that something is not working. Mars adds to this by urging us to push forward, remember Mars likes action. It is best to slow down, exercise patience and deep breathe your way through it. Having this as your plan will help to avoid possible energy meltdowns.  It’s also best to keep a light schedule, if possible, avoiding the energetic overload that comes from over extending.
The following predictions are for your natal sign.

Aries: Changes that have been on the horizon are now kicking up a notch. Communication is key, but may be foggy at this time. You do not have all the information you may need. Take care with what you say and who you say it to. Friend drama is possible. Circumstances with home and children may test you.

Taurus: Career is highlighted. You may get the corner office right after your superior moves on. Make sure you get it all in writing and have someone you trust double check it for you. Possible relocation with career changes.

Gemini: Travel to learn, study, teach, write. Oh so many opportunities for you Gemini! You are the multi-tasker extraordinaire of the zodiac. Communications with foreign lands or people may be somewhat foggy. Publishing will be work, expect delays, but will have its rewards.

Cancer: You may have a special someone or something that is hidden or behind the scenes. The frustration you feel is real, keep focused, breathe deeply and see your goals in your mind. Stay clear with all communications. Good things are always worth waiting for. Major changes are coming. Trust your intuition.

Leo: Opportunities are there for you in terms of partnering or business partner. You may feel a little confused. Don’t fret too much. You simply do not have every piece of the puzzle you need to make a decision. Let the dust of the March 9th eclipse settle for at least 5 days before you make any decisions.

Virgo: The information you receive may be inaccurate. If there are health matters involved, you will need to get a second opinion. That goes also for legal advice. Your daily routine is hectic, be sure to take some time out. A spa date is well earned. After all, you, dear Virgo are the hardest working member of the zodiac.

Libra: Romantic interests may seem timely and costly during this period. And those interests could be pulling you in different directions! No one knows or understands the value of things the way you do, Libra! Investments will require special attention, be sure to do all due diligence ahead of time.

Scorpio: Just when you thought, you could come out of the water. Home and career gets eclipsed. Expect changes or unsettlement in these areas. It is a time that is requiring a lot of you. Mars just moved into your first house, giving you the mojo you need. Use your energy wisely.

Sagittarius: Communications and short distance travel are on your agenda. Siblings may cause some confusion for you. You will find just the right person to assist you with publishing. Powerful connections are likely right now. Pranayama or breath work will help you with any frustrations.

Capricorn: Thankfully, you are a savvy negotiator, and this will certainly come in handy right now. They way you do what you do is changing. There is a revamping of business organization underway that will change your monetary structure. Keep your options open and your ear close to the ground, as they say.

Aquarius: It’s all about YOU, Aquarius. The eclipse occurring on March 9th may have you reeling. Meaning that you may not know which direction is up! This will likely be about career and a potential mate. Your workplace may become uncomfortable. If possible, delay making any quick decisions. Anything made prior to or 5 days after the eclipse may not work out. Your patience is your best asset now.

Pisces: Your everyday work routine is anything but routine now. It has been catapulted to a new height in some unique way. Perhaps a talent of yours is now in the birthing stage. It’s possible that you are doing a lot of work behind the scenes right now in order to break ground in spring. Possible foreign investments or people are here to assist you. Be clear on what they may expect in return for their assistance. You are holding all the cards!