825947Have you noticed how much information has changed over the last few weeks?
We have had Mercury retrograde during the eclipses, which had added to the already confusing amounts of information. Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Virgo and has been conjunct Rahu. This brings out disturbing or alarming information. Mercury in Virgo is in its exaltation, bringing out the best qualities of the planet. That means it is analyzing, critiquing and reviewing all the health care matters. The good news about Mercury and Rahu being conjunct is that this brings revolutionary new ideas and inventions to forefront. Perhaps, this will include a vaccine that can cure Ebola. Certainly, I think everyone would agree, we needed Mercury to be retrograde in Virgo. Things needed reviewing and some things needed to be replaced! For example, I have noticed the Ebola protocol has changed (for the better). Now, for the eclipses. Oct. 23rd, we will have the Solar Eclipse in the sign of Libra. This eclipse affects us in a more outer way. While the Lunar eclipse on Oct. 8th affects us more internally. Libra is a sign that deals with balance. Its symbol is the scales. The Sun in the sign of Libra is considered to be debilitated, meaning it is weak. The Sun represents the government, and people in powerful positions.
This eclipse takes place in the 11th house of the USA’s chart. An area that deals with large organizations. So we can expect some changes within large organizations in our country. Eclipses have a way of shining a light on something that has before gone unnoticed. It is best to not make any major changes or decisions 5 days on either side of the eclipse. If you have personal planets near the eclipse (5 degrees Libra) you can expect some changes sweeping your way.