26811776On November 2, 2014, Saturn will begin its transit through the sign of Scorpio.
Saturn has spent an unusually long tour of Libra, think back to Nov. 16th 2011, that is the time that Saturn entered in to Libra. Saturn’s energy mainly deals with delays, obstacles, frustration and fear (that is only naming a few). Saturn, is referred to as the “taskmaster” or our “karmic indicator”. With names like that you know it is not exactly a Sunday walk in the park. As it has transited through Libra it has most likely changed the area of relationships for you. It’s possible you have taken a long hard look at all the many types of relationships there are; sons, daughters, moms, dads, bosses, brothers, sisters, husbands, lovers. Maybe you have felt frustrated with yourself; or in any of these relationships. The love of your life may be sitting next to you, yet you feel somehow distant or that there is some imaginary barricade that won’t let you through. Feeling blocked, locked out or in is a specialty of Saturn. It causes barriers and obstacles for what seems to be no apparent reason. Saturn’s affect on us is slow and subtle can give us a sense of loneliness. And transiting through Libra, there has been a striving for bringing balance in to our relationships. As Saturn completes this last degree of Libra, you are receiving a degree. For in some way you have mastered Saturn’s lessons. That is, the wisdom gained from and through experience. Saturn, considered to be a malefic often gets labeled as the planet of dread and gloom. But, it is important to remember Saturn is also presenting us some challenges that help us evolve. For without, discipline, focus, and persistence (just a few of Saturns great qualities) what would come to fruition in our lives? This planet deals specifically in creating foundations, the kind that last, the kind that gets the job done. It is the king of honesty, offering us a greater self-understanding. Ultimately, Saturn is the planet tasked with growing us, growing our awareness, and the most important part. Growing our consciousness.
Saturn’s move in to Scorpio means changes for each and every sign of the zodiac. Scorpio specializes in “transformation”. You will begin to notice there will be a magnifying glass set upon what has flourished but is flawed. All things that have previously been covered up will now begin an unraveling process. The King of “Consciousness” is meeting up with the “Transformer”. The house that Scorpio represents for you will be a place that undergoes major changes within the next 2 and a half years. See your rising sign below for some areas of your life which will undergo a major change:
Saturn’s transiting through the rising sign of:

Aries- Money, You, your spouse’s money,

Taurus- Spouse, mate, partner

Gemini- Health, employees, employers

Cancer- Romance, education, children

Leo- Home, mother, happiness

Virgo-Communications, siblings, travel

Libra- Money, food, speech

Scorpio- Health, habits, character

Sagittarius- Expenditure, loss, spiritual growth

Capricorn- Groups, associations, friends

Aquarius- Career, status, reputation

Pisces-Father, religion, spirituality

If you are interested in understanding more about how Saturn’s transit will affect your life. Please contact me for a Vedic Consultation.