November’s New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign and the Moon is also watery and receptive in nature. Although the moon’s placement in Scorpio is debilitated it gives it an added intensity. This is very useful in terms of manifesting your desires. Scorpio’s moon has the help of action oriented Mars. Mars is the energy and power to move your desires, or projects ahead. Jupiter, the planet that brings opportunities gives this trio something of a “trifecta”. To use an old cliche, “the force is with you”. What will you do with it?

Predictions for each sign of the zodiac are below:

Aries: Internal changes are underway. You may be feeling a sense of adventure or a need for freedom in some ways. Matters that deal with your partner have had you concerned. Your partner may reveal interesting news. Children and home are a part of the puzzle. Your hunch could be off, this time.

Taurus: A retreat or getaway with your partner could help clear up any past communications that were confusing. And if that is not in the realm of possibilities, you can “wow” her or him with your own creative romantic evening.

Gemini: You are experiencing more everyday joy in your life now. The lines of communication are open and you feel very connected to your mate. It is a good time to enjoy creative endeavors. Children bring you ideas and joy.

Cancer: Nothing could be more enjoyable for Cancer than to be home for the holidays. November will be a laid back month for you. Communicating clearly could be the biggest
obstacle for you now. Nonetheless, it will not dampen the joy that home life brings to you.

Leo: Home and career have a sense of balance for you. There could be some contradiction in your communication, take care with your expression or the words you say. They could be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Virgo: It’s been difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin lately. Most likely, no one knows you are experiencing this challenge. Intuitively, you know the source of this discomfort. Getting to the bottom of this and finding a resolution is this month’s goal. Take care with communications with siblings.

Libra: The force with you now. Venus, your ruling planet is transiting your 1st house. This is the month to be out and about. Dressing to impress. If you are looking for a mate, you will probably
hit the lottery!

Scorpio: This new moon brings a level of intensity your way. The winds of change are blowing. Finally, Saturn has moved out of your first house, which is a big relief! Career changes, teaching, traveling, other opportunities are available. You may be in big demand now.

Sagittarius: Time to get really serious about your health and taking care of your physical body, otherwise known as your spiritual temple. Saturn, the taskmaster has entered your 1st house,
signifying your physical body.

Capricorn: Time to get creative on just how many ways you can think of “chilling out”. The Big Chill has entered the building for you, dear Capricorn. November, is an excellent time for friends, and gathering for the holidays.

Aquarius: You are up for center stage this month. It could come rather unexpectedly, so now you have a heads up. Your ruling planet just made a big move. New friends that are more responsible or mature are coming your way. The organization that you join will have a major impact on your life. Choose wisely.

Pisces: The “luck” card will show up for you this month. Matters that deal with your home, family and children are foremost on your mind. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is powering up some changes in most every area of your life. Your mate is totally supporting these changes. Listen to your strongest GPS, your intuition.