The final new moon of 2017 is in the constellation of Sagittarius, the Archer. The symbol for Sagittarius is the half man, half horse who holds a bow and arrow. Adventurous and courageous, he always hits his target, and moves optimistically toward the next one.The new moon is in “Mula” nakshatra. Mula deals with roots, getting to the bottom of things is what Mula energy does best. It is a good star for doing research, taking herbs and medicine. It is also a great time to learn more about plant medicine, clean eating and natural remedies.

See predictions for each sign of the zodiac below:

Aries: You may feel you have been in a holding pattern for some time. All that is about to end with the ending of 2017. Emotional changes that involve your home and children continue. Incoming information may be disturbing. If possible delay any major decisions until after the beginning of the New Year.

Taurus: Siblings and home take a front seat during this holiday season. You may decide to travel or take a trip that includes your family. Information may be surprising, an opportunity for healing old wounds may be the gift of the season.

Gemini: Review time is not new to you, Gemini. All incoming and outgoing information will need to have an added scrutiny. Your mind circuits work different now. Money matters may come up with your partner and need some reassessment. Siblings may play a part in this.

Cancer: Health, work and spending habits may throw you off somewhat this month. It’s possible some of this is related to traveling you will be doing. Or you may be learning something new which forces you to focus on it exclusively. Being a water sign, you function best when your emotions are steady. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule for self nourishing. Your down time, also known as “me” time in a hot tub could be the answer for a busy schedule.

Leo: Your best ticket is to try and balance your holiday festivities with some quiet or solitude.
The later not being exactly what you prefer, dear Leo. Children, and entertaining will have you burning the candle at both ends. Information concerning finances may be revealed.

Virgo: You are a natural host and your down to earth approach makes everyone feel right at home. Go ahead and plan that Christmas or New Year’s get together. Venus will be there to help you make it sparkle.
Mercury’s retrograde is likely to have your inviting friends you have known for some time or that you work with.

Libra: Money matters or collecting money is on your mind. It is necessary to go back and review some invoices or collections that could be owed to you. This timing is also excellent to take another look at your dietary habits. Sugar, could be an obvious culprit, as Venus does have a bit of a sweet tooth! Any speaking opportunities that come your way, snag them, as it will definitely help your finances.

Scorpio: Your subconscious mind is holding a gold mine. It’s up to you to do what you do best. Uncovering the truth. Jupiter, the bestower of wisdom and truth is there along with your ruling planet, Mars to guide you. Follow the energy…dear Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Opening yourself up to personal transformation is what this month is all about. What’s past is past and as they say today is a “present” and tomorrow a dream. You are a bold and fiery sign, Sagittarius. Your spontaneity is one of your best assets. Chances are strong there is something that you know or teach that the world needs.

Capricorn: You may feel as if you need to hibernate during this time. And it is a good time for you to do just that. Meditation, contemplation, pranayama (breath work) and even hot tea is your best friend for this time. Ketu, the south node is in your first house, making you feel invisible and maybe isolated. Sound is very important for you now. Listening to the sounds you love most can bring healing and inspiration. Restoring your quiet steady strength.

Aquarius: Through work or your studies you are making new friends. These friendships could lead to you joining in a new group or club. Take your time in this venture. Everyone, and everything may not be as it appears. Neptune, the great deceiver is squaring off with Mercury the communicator. Everything being said, may not be the truth.

Pisces: Gains from older and wiser contacts are in store for you. Expect slow going, due to Saturn. Jupiter, the planet that brings all opportunities your way is working to help you make some daily routine changes. You are getting down to “the heart of the matter”. Be patient with yourself.