November begins with a nice note. Mars and Venus the celestial lovers are traveling with each other. It is almost as if they are walking hand in hand as they transit out of Leo together and move into Virgo. Monday, Nov. 2nd Mars and Venus will want to dine at the best restaurants, the desire will be a more upscale night on the town. On Nov. 3rd the tone changes as Mars and Venus will transit to the more practical sign of Mercury ruled Virgo. Either way, grab your nearest and dearest and take advantage of the cool brisk fall air, this is snuggling weather. And Mars-Venus….well they are lovers after all.
Once Venus and Mars transit in to Virgo the energy of the planets will change. Mars (action) and Venus (love) will be transiting through the sign of practical Virgo. Moving together or conjunct their energy becomes fused. Where Virgo is in your chart will be the place of action for this and another upcoming transit. Venus in Virgo becomes debilitated which means it is not at its strongest. None the less, this Venus will be operating with an unusual intensity because of the nearness first of Mars and then Rahu. Rahu will get in on the action around Nov. 9th. Venus is the planet that represents “love” and as it comes in contact with Rahu it becomes something of a wild card, meaning it is highly unpredictable. Rahu is the North node and considered to be a karmic indicator. It deals with our worldly and material desires. Often, these experiences would be almost impossible to skirt around or avoid. Relationships that are unpredictable, passionate, and unavoidable, could be an understatement here. Rahu has the power to sweep changes in to our lives, that may at first glimpse seem uh…wonderful. But they do not always work out that way. After Venus and Rahu come together, Rahu and Mars will conjunct around new moon time, that is Nov. 11th. Topping it off, the New Moon will fall in the constellation of Venus ruled Libra. Mars, is the planet that deals with passion and when it comes together with Rahu it can cause a situation to get out of control. Mars and Rahu can bring sudden and uncontrollable events! Now, we have been speaking of relationships and the changes these planets can bring. Sounds confusing, right? Well, that just may be exactly how you feel, if you have planets near these degree points in your natal chart.
But also remember that Mars and Rahu together can cause war and so this conjunction can really cause some issues with our country and relationships with our allies and yes our enemies. Pay attention to what other countries are doing, as this will have an effect on the USA. These conjunctions are taking place in the USA’s 10th house, the house most visible to the world. In an individuals’s chart the 10th house represents their career. The Sun is transiting through Libra, a sign where it is weak and in its debilitation. The Sun represents the government.This transit remains through until Nov. 17th when it will move in to Scorpio. It’s not the best time to change jobs, or to promote/pursue any government contracts. Be cautious around matters that deal with your boss. Another issue with the Sun and its weakness is that Neptune is obscuring matters. It is contributing to our country being in a fog about what is going on in the world, what is happening to humanity. Neptune causes illusions and deception. The government is not really being forthcoming about what is happening. November 26th, Mercury will conjunct Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. Information is slowly coming out. Saturn’s slow transit through Scorpio continues the drip, drip, drip of information. But are we paying attention to it? Neptune again, gets involved on Nov. 26th, this time with the one who brings all information to us, the planet Mercury. Some thing is not adding up, or there are some missing pieces to it. When Neptune is involved, think of a heavy fog descending over a place that you need to get to. You may know its there, but you cant see it. Again, this is not the time to make a major decision for yourself. Because of information that may be hidden from your view. Remember that you need to know all your options and have all the information possible in order to make an “informed decision”. On Nov. 30th, the Sun will conjunct Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. The Sun and Saturn are enemies to each other, combined they give a person a sense of responsibility or burden. It can cause a feeling of duty. These 2 planets together do not like ambiguous matters. But because of Neptune’s relationship to the Sun and Saturn it is causing a veil to be cast over us.
While it is true that the position of the planets can obstruct our view, it is an excellent time for spiritual disciplines. Meditating and studying Yoga or Tai Chi. Any time you spend with self reflection will be valuable. Spend some time in nature, if possible. Attend an art gallery, go dancing, try learning to play an instrument or go to a jazz festival. Any of these mentioned are excellent ways to take advantage of the planetary energy in a fun way and relaxing way.