825947September is Eclipse month! But first, lets talk about where the planets are transiting now. Maybe you have been wondering why you are not feeling so energetic. Mars planet of energy and action has been debilitated in the sign of Cancer. On Sept 15th Mars will be exactly 29 degrees of Cancer and this is the Sandhi point. That is when a planet moves from a water sign into a fire sign. It is best to avoid
any major decisions, beginning travel or beginning new projects on that day. Once Mars has moved into the sign of Leo, Aries and Scorpio can do their happy dance for they will definitely feel better! Mars will have transited into the sign of Leo (a great friend) where it will remain until Nov. 3rd. Venus remains retrograde in the sign of Cancer until Sept. 6th when it will go direct. Venus retrograde is a great time to shop for bargains on high end merchandise, and in the sign of Cancer you might be interested in shopping for your home. Venus also deals with relationships, and so you may have found yourself reviewing past relationship matters. Venus is about self-worth and what we find valuable. Maybe you are reviewing some challenging areas in your relationships. When Venus goes direct you should have an idea of how you want to address any relationship issues that have been on your mind. Venus retrograde can also bring some romantic interest from the past back into your life. Mercury will turn retrograde on Sept. 17th at 21 degrees of Virgo. Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo, meaning it is working at its best and highest function. It is also transiting with Rahu, which continues to give unsettling information. Mercury and Rahu together are great for inventiveness and creativity. It’s a good time to pay special attention to all matters around communicating. Since this retrograde period begins right in the middle of eclipse season, it’s best to slow down. Think twice before responding, or hitting the send button on the computer. The good news is that Mercury’s exaltation will help you, if you take the time to pay attention. Mercury will move direct on Oct. 8, 2015.
Saturn remains in Scorpio, where it is uncomfortable and no longer receives the beneficial aspect of Jupiter. This is especially difficult for Capricorn and Aquarius rising, since Saturn rules their charts. It is causing quite a bit of frustration. Mars usual movement is forward only, however, Mars has been debilitated. This is a bit like a double whammy. Saturn keeps causing obstacles and therefore causes frustration. Saturn’s transit in a Mars ruled sign is a lot like visiting a place where you definitely do not feel wanted or invited. Allowing yourself some time and space will go a long way to getting through this transit. Do not try to push through, as this will only cause more frustration.
Now for the eclipses, on Sept. 13th there is a Solar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Leo in the nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. Solar Eclipses always have a stronger affect on us in an outward way. Purva Phalguni is a nakshatra that is associated with creativity. This creativity may be in the arts, in business, writing, music, design. It’s a good time to put your creativity into motion. Leo is a fire sign and so is connected to the divine spark of energy! (Hint: Are you journaling those creative thoughts?).
Two weeks later on Sept. 28th, we have the Lunar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, and connected to religion. Look for more upheaval in the world related to the areas. Lunar eclipses have a more internal effect on us. And, its affect, this time is in the realm of emotions. Remember that eclipses are harbingers of change. Having planets near the degree points I’ve mentioned could cause some disruption in your life. It is best to keep your schedule light during this time. Try to avoid making any major decisions, like taking a new job or moving. Often these decisions do not work out the way we would have preferred. Additionally, Mercury retrogrades between the Solar and Lunar eclipse. Most certainly, it will be an interesting time!

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