new_moonThe new moon for November falls in the constellation of Libra. A sign that is focused on balance, Libra’s are naturally adaptable and flexible. The nakshatra this new moon is in is called “Vishakah”. The symbol for Vishakah is an archway or Potters Wheel. I remember years back when I attended a special graduation, standing in several doorways. The fact that there were several is probably the reason I recall them. The experience was as if the doorway, said “hey, pay attention”, this has significance for your life. The imprint that went in my mind and heart was that the doorways were meaningful for both me and the person graduating. I sensed this was the beginning of a whole new life for both of us.
This is a good time for building or constructing a new home. It is also good for healing or starting any type of healing process. Anything that is toxic or poisonous in your life can also be released. Vishhaka’s meaning is transformation.
New Moon’s offer us a time to begin again. What would you like to see manifested in your life? Magic happens when you take your thoughts and desires and write them down. A New Moon journal is the perfect place to plant (write) those ideas. It is said the first 8 hours of a new moon are the most potent. Here’s your chance to get a jump on it!
Happy New Moon!