The second New Moon for March falls in the constellation of Pisces. Pisces represents the fish swimming in opposite directions. This is a water sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter.

If you are born under this sign, you are good at calming people. You may find people look to you for guidance and advice. Pisces is highly intuitive and can be deep and philosophical thinkers. Because of Jupiter’s rulership, they have many opportunities throughout life.

See your sign below and what areas of your life may be affected by the March New Moon.

Pisces: Intuitive, strong belief system, idealistic. Good time for writing down your vision.

Aries: Good for volunteering, doing charitable work, you may want to spend some time alone. Nurture yourself.

Taurus: Good for reconnecting with friends, you find a new opportunity associated with your friends, groups or organizations. Let your imagination be your guide!

Gemini: New opportunities may exist for your career. Something on the horizon may free you up.

Cancer: Good for publishing, teaching,. You may travel at this time.

Leo: Changes are in store for you, maybe you are changing, feminine energy in your life is changing. Money may fluctuate.

Virgo: Changes with your partner, or business partnership. Opportunities for a business or a business relationship.

Libra: Your day to day activities are unpredictable. There may be some career/work issues for you.

Scorpio: Your children, creativity and romance are matters that come to the front .
Good for mantra and meditation.

Sagittarius: You will feel comfort at home or in your home. You may purchase something for your home. Family life feels sweet.

Capricorn: You are traveling more, or it may feel as if you are. Short distances, communication, siblings. It’s a good time for you to write.

Aquarius: You enjoy good food, you may find that you have more financial resources at this time. Good for imagination.