26811792On March 6, 2013 the resplendent Jupiter began direct motion in the sign of Gemini. Sagittarians and Pisces (both ruled by Jupiter) feel like it’s time to open the gate! Finally after a long enough retrograde cycle, Jupiter is now moving forward. Jupiter turned retrograde on Nov. 7, 2013. The benefits of Jupiter are well known, but a quick review might help. Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune. It brings opportunities our way. Jupiter’s influence is one of optimism. Solutions to problems are easier found and dealt with. Life becomes much easier, when Jupiter is working on your behalf. Most any Sagittarian or Pisces can tell you this!
Currently, Jupiter is transiting through the sign of Gemini. Gemini is the Mercury ruled sign that deals with communications. Communications indeed! Think about the expansion of communication that has happened in the last year, during Jupiter’s transit through Gemini. What more might be revealed?
Jupiter will begin to pick up some speed in the month of April and May as it is approaching its exaltation sign of Cancer. Exaltation of Jupiter, simply means it will be functioning at its highest and best level. Jupiter is a benefic not only concerned with creating wealth and opportunity but also has an interest in the good of and for everyone. You will see a focus on the family, education and spirituality as Jupiter moves in to Cancer. On June 20th, it will transit into the sign of Cancer. If you are Cancer, get ready for this to be your year!