On April 15, there will be a lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Eclipses bring change . They shine a light on something that has up until now, been hidden or maybe that has been swept under the carpet. Lunar eclipses are felt more on an emotional level. If you have planets in or near 0 degrees of Libra, this eclipse will impact you directly. Eclipse’s can have an affect as much as 2 weeks before the actual transit. Libra is the sign that deals specifically with relationships.
On April 29th, there will be Solar eclipse in the sign of Aries. Aries is a sign that is concerned with “self”. Solar eclipses bring about change on an outer level, while the lunar is more internal, the solar more external. Both of the eclipses involve the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet that deals specifically with our karma. Saturn’s energy is heavy, and it can feel restricting, creating obstacles and fear. Try to keep your schedule
light during this time. Meditate, spend some time in nature, chant. Go to a yoga class. Delay making any serious decisions until after the eclipses have passed.