new_moonYour mind may be busy with thoughts and ideas. Quick, grab your new moon journal. Jot down all those great ideas, because more are coming in. Oh, and you will definitely need to have your social calendar nearby, there will be more than a few invitations coming your way. That’s all your Gemini friends who are geared up and ready to do what they do best…..communicate. This is a good time for starting any project, activities, or planting seeds. Beginning any new education is especially good during this time. It will be easier to find resolutions to past challenges. You can step out of the box and “unbridle your brain”, all at the same time. (a phrase coined by my friend with a highly developed Mercury). You will have the mental speed of Mercury, (Gemini’s ruling planet) on your side along with the moon. It’s a great time to be out and about. BTW, dancing is a good reprieve from all that thinkin. Or the next best option might be a comedy club. Happy New Moon!