26811792July began on a sweet note, that is Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Cancer. You may have found yourself shopping or making purchases for your home. Two benefic planets joined up in the sign of home loving Cancer in early July. Spending time with your family, or making some upgrades to your home all fall well within this duo’s expertise. On July 2nd, we had a full moon in the sign of freedom loving Sagittarius. Appropriate placement for July 4th celebration! Sagittarius also deals with beliefs and laws. The Supreme Court ruled the last week of June on same sex marriage and Obamacare. Changes are upon us. New laws will be tested. Pluto the planet that rules the masses is and has been squaring Uranus, planet of rebellions and sudden eruptive events. Both of these planets are in signs ruled by Jupiter, which is causing expansion in these matters and in the area of government.
The Sun opposes both Pluto and Uranus this month. The Sun represents the government and Pluto represents the masses of people. There is a discord (mildly speaking) that has been brewing for some time now. The masses or general population are not in agreement with the governing of the country. Throw in the planet Uranus and that is rebellion or revolt. If you want to see Uranus in action think back to the riots, marches and protests of the 1960’s.
The big news for July is that the planet Jupiter will be making its transit in to the sign of Leo. Jupiter represents expansion and opportunities, all opportunities that come our way are due to Jupiter. Perhaps you have noticed that Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Cancer has escalated rental and home prices. It has been nothing less than a frenzy for selling and buying homes recently. You will see this will change, and begin to slow somewhat with Jupiter’s move in to Leo. Most likely, interest rates will begin to climb, maybe not at first but as we come into fall. This will have an effect on the real estate market. On July 15, there is a New Moon in Gemini, the sign of information. This new moon is completing or finishing up information that has come our way before. It is an excellent time for technology and medical inventions. We may hear more about medical treatments that are cutting edge. On July 16th, we may have buyers remorse, Mars and Mercury will oppose Pluto. Mars is argumentative and Mercury is contracts, this involves the masses or simply put our country. Try to avoid signing any contracts around July 16th, if possible. On July 26th, Venus will turn retrograde. At this time we will begin a review process of what we value, Venus also deals with who and what we love. During this time period someone from your past may come back in to your life. You will have plenty of time for this review process with Venus. It will be retrograde all the way up until Sept. 5th. Venus retrograde also will affect banking. The stock market has reacted to the Greece drama so pay attention as Venus retrogrades to all news regarding stocks and banking.
Back to the big news which is Jupiter’s transit into the sign of Leo. This event happens on July 13, 2015. Jupiter transits approximately once a year. So we have had the good enjoyment of its transit through Cancer. Now, Jupiter will be moving in to the sign of Leo. It will transit through Leo until Aug. 11, 2016. The signs that will benefit the most from this transit are; Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. The economy will begin to come more into focus as Jupiter leaves Cancer and moves in to Leo. Jupiter has been aspecting Saturn, Saturn rules the money and communication houses of the USA’s chart. We will no longer have the benefit of Jupiter’s protection in this area. There has been misinformation around the economy and this will begin to slowly come to light. Saturn ‘s transit through Scorpio continues to reveal and unravel many secrets. Jupiter in Leo will help many politicians, government officials, and executives. Jupiter’s energy through its Leo transit will be very different than its transit through Cancer. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter and the Sun have very different agenda’s. In spite of this difference there will be much wealth created during this transit. Large corporations and businesses will merge, some of them may be surprising to us. Jupiter will promote spiritual leaders, counselors and people who advise and consult.