The New Moon for April falls in the constellation of Aries. Aries symbol is the Ram and is ruled by the planet Mars. This new moon has a lot of company, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all transiting in the sign of Aries. Wow! Zing! Bam! Mars is strong in its own sign, the Sun is exalted (happy Sun) and Mercury is along for the ride, giving us a quick mind that can solve any issues. So if we break this down, we have the energy, independence, initiative, motivation, leadership and organizational abilities we need to get anything done that we want! The nakshatra for this new moon is Krittika. “Krit” means to cut. This is an excellent time for cutting away or releasing anything out of your life. You will have the power to cut through most any obstacle or challenge that you may encounter.
New Moons are the best time to make changes. What would you like to change? Take some time to set your intention, and make your list. Remember to breathe and connect with your feelings. Sitting outside with a candle or some incense and connecting with nature can also help you connect with your inner self. Writing your thoughts and dreams on paper or in your journal takes them from your head and helps to organize you and your desires. Just as there is power in the spoken word, there is also power in the written word.
Happy New Moon!