Jupiter DirectToday Jupiter turns direct! The planet of prosperity, wealth and luck has been retrograde since Dec. 8, 2014. Currently Jupiter is transiting through the sign of Cancer. Jupiter’s visit here is very beneficial and creates what is called GajaKesari Yoga. It is in an exalted state. Helping us to overcome obstacles, in addition it is an excellent placement for teachers and advisors. If you are Sagittarius or Pisces rising, the direct motion of Jupiter is extremely beneficial for you. In fact, you may even feel the forward motion of energy with this great benefic planet. All signs will benefit. Who doesn’t want to feel more optimistic and positive? Jupiter also has rulership over religion, philosophy and spiritual matters. If you follow the news you are aware of all that is going on, concerning religion in the world. While Jupiter has been retrograde, it has reduced its strength or ability to do good. Now with its direct motion, it will help everyone to feel more positive and optimistic. Solutions to problems or challenges will be somewhat easier with the great benefic moving forward. Yes, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Jupiter will now remain in Cancer until July 14th. Make the most of this time while Jupiter is in an exalted state. It is a great time for moving ahead!