Create a (1) (1)May 4th full moon kicks off a busy month. Full moons bring events to fruition or a culmination. Libra is the sign of the full moon; it is the sign that deals with matters of balance and justice. If you have watched the news lately you are aware of the looting, violence, and protests that have taken place in Baltimore. And those are just the most recent ones. Pluto, deals with masses of people, and transformation. Uranus deals with rebellion, these 2 are squaring off currently, and this is causing riots and rebellion. The same day of the full moon, Mars planet of action and war moves in to the sign of Taurus. Here, it opposes Saturn in Scorpio and travels with Mercury. Mars and Mercury are not friends, they are combative. This combo ramps up debates, disagreements and well quite frankly all out full heated arguments. Disagreements will be on most any topic and every level. But pay special attention to the financial markets. Another big topic will be the wealthy people of our country and who is controlling the wealth. Again, this will create a wide range of debates affecting finances and relationships.
Currently, Saturn’s retrograde motion in Scorpio continues to unravel secrets. Saturn’s transit through the sign of Scorpio unearths some interesting themes. Scorpio is a sign that deals with secrets and does not let go of them easily, but Saturn the karmic indicator forces them to be exposed. Saturn will continue to put the pressure on as it remains retrograde until early August. Meanwhile, Mars will oppose Saturn in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. This opposition will cause May to be a bit difficult.
Mars energy is always moving forward and does not like to be delayed or detained in any way. Mars has an agenda and knows what to do. Enter Saturn, the slowest moving planet of the cosmos. To put it bluntly, you may feel like you are driving with one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator.
I don’t have to tell you what that will feel like, you probably have a visual and a feeling as you read this. This opposition begins May 4th, the same day as the full moon. It will continue through May. May 15th and 16th are dates to schedule yourself “off”. At the very least, DO NOT overbook yourself! Avoid any last minute schedule changes or having to be somewhere on time. Saturn’s energy is one that causes delays, it creates obstacles and causes blocks. Saturn’s big two are fear and frustration and because the planet moves slow it gives us a feeling that it will go on and on forever. Remember, this is a transit and it too shall pass. Saturn is not a planet that you can rush, it honestly just makes matters worse when you try to push through this kind of energy. If you have planets at or near 8 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus, take a deep breath, ok, take more than a few. Take yourself to get a massage, do some breath work, take a long walk in a beautiful park setting. Try to slow down. I know, this will be hard for the Martians, (Aries and Scorpio, you know exactly what I mean). 
This planetary opposition will touch everyone in some way or another. It will of course depend on where your natal planets are in your chart. We are in the midst of a huge transformation!
On May 19th, Mercury will turn retrograde. Oh yes, it’s review time. All of this opposition will have to be reassessed. So remember don’t purchase any electronics, don’t sign any contracts, or accept a new job, or buy a new car. Mercury is known as the trickster and may have you think everything is just fine and dandy, then it goes direct and reveals something to you that you were not aware of. It’s easy to lose or misplace items while Mercury is retrograde. One thing I have noticed is that when I make purchases, especially clothing, I find when Mercury goes direct I change my mind. I end up not liking what I have purchased and I usually re-turn it to the store. So you see return, review, reassess, revisit, reevaluate are all involved in Mercury’s retrograde process. Another point of interest is that I always see clients I have consulted with or worked with in the past. What is most important for us to understand is that we have missed some vital information and this is the time we learn what that is. We can fill in the blanks or the missing piece of the puzzle. Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the wealth producing sign of the zodiac. So you will hear a lot of talk about money, how its spent, where it goes and what is done with it. The money talk will be applicable to everyone from large companies, banks, financial institutions to your relationship with money and your spouse. Mercury will turn direct on June 12th and by then you will have figured out some possible new ways you want to handle your money.
On May 27th, Mars and Mercury will conjunct at 16 degrees of Taurus, this will definitely cause some major problems.
And lest you think I am all negative,( which is not the case at all), Venus lover of pleasure, sweetness, fashion and desire is transiting through the sign of Gemini. Grab a friend and do some retail therapy, (before Mercury goes retrograde, preferably).
A very famous line from a Bette Davis movie went something like this “ Fasten your seat belts boys, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride”. Somehow, I’m kinda thinking May could be that way.