On July 7, 2019 the planet that governs all communications turns retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that deals with emotions and matters that are connected to home.

With Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer it will bring up issues that have come up before. On the surface it seems like it covers a vast arena. Communication and home.

Put on your scuba suit, we’re about to dive into the deep waters of…consciousness.

Mercury (communicator) is the intellectual or “thinking mind”. The part of us that is analytical, rational and logical.

Water signs deal with our emotions, our feelings and that is the Moon’s (Cancer) area of expertise. The moon is the “feeling mind”, the subconscious mind. (note: we have 1 mind, but 2 parts, i.e., thinking is one part and feeling, the other). The moon or emotional mind is the one calling the shots. The Moon is the C.E.O. of you. The ancients knew this to be true, that is why the moon is second only behind your ascendant in its importance.

In my work as a consulting hypnotist, I know that anytime the conscious thinking mind (Mercury) and the feeling emotional mind (Moon) are incongruent…. Houston, we have a problem.

On July 8th, retrograde Mercury will conjunct Mars. These 2 planets are not friends. Neither of them are comfortable in watery Cancer. The conjunction of Mercury and Mars can cause disagreements, arguments and accidents. So take things a little slower this week.

For the week of July 7th – July 14th, until Mercury travels far enough away from Mars, you may feel an internal argument or at the very least, at odds with your own thoughts and feelings.Mars is a forward glancing (drishti) planet. And Mercury is moving backwards, (not technically) but this is difficult energy for Mars to deal with. If you are Aries or Scorpio rising sign, this energy will feel challenging. But this is also where you will have great understanding if you can be patient.

So back to Mercury’s retrograde. Retrograde intensifies all that Mercury represents and because it is moon ruled Cancer, it is all things that are related to home, safety, mother, heart.

The blessing here is that Mercury will retrograde in the nakshatra of “Pushya”. Pushya is associated with “enlightenment & blessings”.
It means to nourish, preserve and protect.
And it is considered to be one of THE most AUSPICIOUS nakshatras.

On July 31, Mercury will turn direct in it’s own sign of Gemini. It turns direct at 29 degrees. Planets at 29 degrees have 1 foot in and 1 foot out of the sign they are leaving and the one they are entering. And although not ideal, still by then, you have completed some process of “diving deep” into you consciousness. Mercury will have given you a message of completion. Either you will “know” it or you sense it, or you will feel it. And possibly all of those will be true for your experience. This is the emotional upgrade I am referring to.

You might be thinking (Mercury) now, so how can I best use this time?

Meditation, although challenging, Mercury likes thoughts, thoughts, more thoughts. So perhaps walking meditation. Or just walking in nature, (now, one of my faves). Journaling, getting thoughts out of the mind and on to paper can be very healing and informative (usually later). Contemplation meditation, japa meditation, pranayama (breath work)and yoga. It is a good time to experience emotional healing, if you are prepared (patience) to work with and through the energy. It is after all a process.

On July 31st, when Mercury turns direct in Gemini, the nakshatra of Punavarsu. Punavarsu is also called the “star of renewal”. It also represents the purification of self. It is good for making life changes, a career change or a move. “Vasu” translates to mean prosperous or good.

My personal belief is that Mercury retrogrades always show us a piece of the missing puzzle. Something, we didn’t know before, but now we are shown or given this information.

And then don’t forget the other things associated with Mercury. Back up your data. Avoid signing legal documents if possible during retrograde periods. Avoid purchasing technical or electronic equipment. Yes, even
vacuum cleaners can go wonky and end of being returned. Cars tend to be lemons. Jobs taken, almost never ever work out. Because something integral to the job was not shared with you. Mercury, is a trickster after all.
And BTW, the examples I’ve given are all what you, my clients have shared with me, regarding Mercury retrograde periods.

Noting that this Mercury retrograde occurs in the middle of an eclipse. Retrograding back to the sign of Gemini, the sign where we just had the solar eclipse on July 2nd.

Incoming………….new information……..upgrades……intuition……life changes…….

Seems we are on the brink of personal awareness, ushering in a unity consciousness.