July 2nd there is a solar eclipse. The Sun and the new Moon conjoin during a solar eclipse. Eclipse time is a time for volatile weather AND change. All eclipses are harbingers for change. The solar eclipse on July 2nd falls in the sign of Gemini and the nakshatra of “Ardra”. The symbol for Ardra is the “teardrop”. The deity for this star is Rudra, which is the lord of the storm
and god of destruction. Ardra means, “moist one” the symbol being the tear drop. This is a fierce and bold star with much power.

This star’s special significance is bringing spiritual enlightenment and learning. It is not unusual that higher consciousness would be swept in by catastrophic events. For certain, the weather will be more than erratic and volatile. Gemini is an air sign. Wind, rain (Ardra) and stormy weather are associated with this star. Mother Earth is under duress and great pressure.

Solar eclipses affect us more in an outward way. Look for new technology upgrades. Ex., 5G. Gemini deals with all matters of communications.

The solar eclipse falls exactly on the USA’s 7th house of partnership, and on the planet Jupiter, and near Venus. Jupiter rules the chart of USA. In regards to partnerships, much will change for our country. For certain, as a country, our foundation, beliefs on many levels will and are changing. The information that comes from this eclipse will be the catalyst of change.

On July 16th the lunar (moon) eclipse takes place in Sagittarius. The sign that deals with our beliefs. The full moon will be conjunct the planet Pluto.
Pluto deals with the masses, corruption and transformation. Saturn and Ketu will also be conjunct during this time. Both Saturn and Ketu deal with detachment. Uttara Ashada is the star for the lunar eclipse. It is a star of introspection. Release and stripping away will be a part of this eclipse.

The lunar eclipse has a more internal affect. It affects us on an emotional level. The moon rules our emotional mind, our feelings, and our mental nature. You may find this eclipse brings a feeling of seriousness or even sadness. Pranayama or doing breath work will help greatly. Breathing and releasing sadness, anger or pent up feelings. You may not understand the feelings as they can come from the past or even past lives. But knowing the best way to heal them, is to allow them to come to the surface. This where journaling may also help to release and get them out of the head
and on to paper.

It’s important to know that Mercury, ruler of the solar eclipse that takes place on July 2nd will turn retrograde on 7/23 in the sign of Cancer. On 7/31, Mercury will retrograde all the way back into Gemini, the sign it rules.
It seems like we will be getting an upgrade in technological advancement.
Mercury rules trade, commerce and business. Mercury’s domain is vast, as the ruler over all communications. Have you noticed FB, and Twitter have been in the news lately? Mercury rules over all contractual agreements.
Make sure you data is backed up prior to Mercury’s retrograde. If possible do not sign legal documents. There is sure to be an issue later. If you must sign, have another set of eyes look over your documents. Use this retrograde for reviewing or reassessing. It is not a good time to start anything new. It is however, a good time for self-inquiry, meditation and journaling. Mercury turns direct on Aug.1st.

On a deeper and more emotional level this eclipse will sweep in some kind of information that you have not known before. That is what eclipses do.
They usher in change. This is an important time for Mother Earth. The winds of change are blowing in. You may have a higher awareness level by the end of July. Pay attention to the information or upgrades you get during this time. This is a time that karma is activated. Choices that we make can be lasting, as in lifetimes.

The lunar eclipse will be a good time to work on our emotional issues.
When we work on our healing we raise our spiritual awareness, thereby, raising the awareness of the planet.

It is time to focus on a self up-grade. It is time for unity consciousness.

Here are a few of my favorite eclipse tips:

Keep a light schedule (leave room for flexing if needed)
Eat light or fast.
Take a walk in nature
Repeat mantra (Om Gum Ganapaytaye Namaha) Asking Ganesh for assistance to remove all obstacles.

If you have personal planets that are near the solar or lunar eclipse, the likelier you will experience change right away. If however, you have planets near but not conjunct, you will experience the change over the upcoming months. Eclipses can bring immediate and/or lasting change to our lives.