32184552 Mercury will begin its retrograde period on June 26th at 29 degrees of Gemini. The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, also known as the winged messenger. Lately the winged messenger has been very busy and now it is review time. Of course that means that all the news we have heard over the past few weeks will in some way be revisited. Mercury retrogrades can be challenging causing all kinds of snafus with communications. Mercury’s domain is anything from the written and spoken word to all electronics. Add to that trade, business, and commerce and you have yourself a vast domain. This Mercury retrograde may prove to be helpful to Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is their ruling planet and for Gemini Mercury gets dik bala or directional strength. This means it has extra power. For Virgo, Mercury will be retrograding in your career house. Virgo may be revisiting a career move or opportunity that they have looked at in the past. Of course this is the time to avoid signing contracts, making electronic purchases, buying a car, or house. Mercury turns retrograde on Wednesday, the day it rules, June 26th and remains retrograde through July 20, 2013.