26811776Saturn the planet called the “taskmaster”, has been retrograde since Feb. 18, 2013. Saturn is the planet most representative of our karma. The entire astrological chart represents your karma, but Saturn gets special dispensation as being “The One”, the one being the karmic indicator. Saturn is concerned with responsibility and growing our consciousness. It brings to us those experiences which move us in that direction.
Just as you might think, Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet. It is the bringer of hardships, restrictions, loneliness, fear, and responsibility. Of course, that is just the short list. Saturn is a cold planet and can bring separation to us from those we love or those things that we are attached to. There are no passes and no exceptions. This is not a Monopoly Board game and you are not collecting $200 and passing Go. Saturn has something akin to the message my microbiology teacher challenged my micro class with years ago when I was training to become a surgical technician. This training would allow me to work in the operating room as a surgical assistant to surgeons. She challenged our class with this question, “What does your surgical conscience look like?” Of course, we all knew this meant that when or if we contaminated an instrument, or a sterile field we must speak up and let someone know immediately. The consequence of taking inaction or not being truthful could be devastating to the person who is having surgery. Saturn might ask this question of us, “ What do you do when no one is looking”? “How do you handle that situation when no one will find out”? Are you living up to your responsibility? Saturn demands complete accountability. There is a conscious and unconscious process involved. Saturn is the wisdom gained from experience. Saturn gives us what we deserve. Many of our nations leaders are now experiencing Saturn’s lessons. We may wonder now if they will be held accountable for their actions and/or failure to act, however we see it. But make no mistake, Saturn will demand payment. You may be thinking by now, what makes this energy easier to work with. Saturn appreciates hard work, setting realistic goals, owning up to our responsibility. Currently transiting through the sign of Libra, this position is considered to be exalted. Meaning it brings forth those best qualities of Saturn that I mentioned above. And lest I leave you with an unbalanced view of Saturn. The ancient Hindu scriptures tell us, that this is the planet known to be able to make a person a “leader in their village”. A powerful and well aspected Saturn will bestow those qualities of leadership, integrity, discipline and humility. As Saturn turns direct, take a few moments and think back over these months it has been retrograde. What did you learn or where do you feel you must take responsibility? Where did you feel the nudge of Saturn? Whether it is relationships, health, career changes, remember Saturn likes organization and setting realistic goals. And might I add, a planet that moves very slow would also appreciate “baby steps”. Write down your goals, be very specific and realistic; let the Universe know you intention. Saturn will reward you, after the work has been done. Capricorn and Aquarius, it’s all systems go! Have your plan ready to move forward.