“Summit of beauty she was,
And Venus was her name.
She’s got it, Yeah baby she’s got it”.

Lyrics from the song, “Venus”.

Yes, Venus, planet of love and relationships remains center stage and now recently just turned retrograde in the sign of Pisces. On January 28, 2017, Venus entered Pisces where it is exalted.
This means it is operating at its highest and best qualities. Love, beauty, refinement, luxury and prosperity all come under the domain of Venus. We notice Venus more in terms of our relationships. As Venus is transiting through Pisces, a Jupiter ruled sign, it is also receiving Jupiter’s aspect in opposition. This enhances Venus’s already exalted state. Inspiring us and giving us the opportunity enjoy relationships. Venus is charming and alluring. So we are more interested in and paying close attention to the ones we love. Venus will remain retrograde until April 14, 2017. During this time, you may find valuable items at a discount. Art, jewelry, furniture, cars all fall into this category. What we value and who we value comes into view, in a subtle way.
As Venus is retrograde take time to notice how you nurture or care for yourself. And although you may think that selfish, it is an area of utmost importance. After all, how is your relationship with yourself? Self-worth and value are biggies for Venus. Taking time to pay attention to your own needs is honoring and nurturing your body, spirit and soul. Venus retrograde is saying, “its time to restore and revitalize yourself”.
Venus will continue to demand and receive our attention. This is a long unusual tour for Venus
to remain exalted in Pisces. And one that we can all benefit from. Venus will remain exalted until May 31, 2017. Enjoy!

Please see predictions below for your rising sign:

Aries: Events concerning your home and children may have had you feeling somewhat depleted. Before charging ahead, especially since your ruling planet, Mars has renewed your physical energy, take a break. Even if it’s a “spa day”. Do something nurturing for yourself. You are about to start a whole new adventure. Venus pleasures could include a cruise.

Taurus: You will be playing host or hostess in some way this month. Perhaps entertaining at home. Whatever the venue is for this celebration, you may feel as if you are squeezing out the time to prepare for it. Romance and business opportunities come from females you have known in the past. Venus and past relationships….

Gemini: This is a great month for moving your career ahead. Or you may be interested in doing some type of education to assist you. Subconsciously, you could be experiencing a block. Take some time alone, and let your intuition guide you. The answers are inside you, along with the steps that you need to take to remove the obstacle. Venus brings in a great opportunity.

Cancer: Upcoming travel that may also include training or education is on the horizon for you.
Enjoy this time of accomplishment, you have earned it. Travel will likely be long distance or also could be travel to a foreign country. Venus is setting you up for travel or a new learning situation.

Leo: Energetically, the eclipses are still fully operational in your life. Matters that deal with your spouse, partner and possibly business partner have all been front and center. Venus brings changes with your partner.This new moon indicates more changes to come. Money around children and money spent on children may need a second look. Your partner’s finances are changing.

Virgo: Your earlier romantic interest has your complete 100% attention. This is a person you have known either from this lifetime or another lifetime. Being all in emotionally, leaves no room for having perspective. Venus is bringing you a new partnering opportunity. Do not rush, take your time.

Libra: The details are very important for you this month, Libra. You are the one that knows instinctively how to bring balance. This new moon signals that you need to pay attention to the details around your health. Venus, your ruling planet is retrograde, letting you know a review your health and work routine are necessary.

Scorpio: Creative ideas are filling your mind. Your daily routine may be full of busy-ness. The next step is turning it into gold. Partnering, rather that be spouse or significant other has been a challenge. Now Venus, insists on a review. Someone from the past may show up.

Sagittarius: Work from home is a likely change for you now. Setting up your home office or at least a space for working may present some challenges for you. Jupiter, your ruling planet has you in a review mode. It is necessary for you to review matters that deal with your career and also your daily health routine. No shortcuts are available.

Capricorn: Your mind is very active with this new moon. Creative ideas that you have had from the past, come around again. Communicating clearly with your partner will be the highlight of the month. Your partner’s thoughts and ideas may also contain information from the past. Pay attention. This is a good time for working with your subconscious mind.

Aquarius: Spending habits will come to the forefront this month. It would be wise to be a penny pincher during this time. Money coming in will fluctuate, at times you will feel as if you have plenty and then at times you will feel lacking. Travel or educational opportunities will arise.

Pisces: Your thoughts have extreme power this month. Think of yourself as a human antennae, beaming up and out. Your thoughts are magnetizing to you, your desires. Your partner will require more attention and review of your relationship and communication is in order. Think of this time as a “stage review” for the abundance coming your way. Venus is all around you, appreciate the beauty in your life. More is on the way.