Get Ready! April will certainly be a very interesting month, the Cosmos has some major retrograde action in store for us.

April’s cosmic energy is very interesting. This will not be a month to push forward. However, it is an excellent time to review and reassess. What would you like to improve? What needs to be released, forever, from your life? Your new moon list can be something of a buffet. And that is the gift.

There will be 4 planets that are retrograde at the same time. Although, it will be a short span of time.(Occurring April 9th – April 14th). Note, this means that during this time, 8 signs out of 12 signs of the zodiac will be experiencing a “review” of sorts.

The planets that are retrograde at the time listed above are: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury.
The following signs will be affected, Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Taurus, Gemini and Virgo.
Now, for Cancer, Leo, Aries and Scorpio, I know, it would look like you are off the hook, but not really. Because of course, the same planets will retrograde for you too, it’s just not your rising sign.

After April 14th, 3 planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury will be retrograde for the entire month of April. And Pluto, an outer planet will also turn retrograde on April 20th. Although, Pluto is an outer planet and deals with other areas, one of the main ones being transformation. This is significant
as Pluto is retrograding in the fire sign of Sagittarius and Mercury will be retrograding in the fire sign of Aries. Fire signs deal the spirit of who we are.

The month begins with Jupiter the planet that brings opportunities and prosperity to us, continuing its retrograde in the sign of Virgo. This lessens Jupiter’s potential to do what it does best. Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. If you are either of those rising signs, you have felt this energy. In the USA’s chart Jupiter is transiting the (public) 10th house. Virgo, is the sign of the zodiac that deals with health and being in the 10th house of the USA;s chart, it does look like their must be a review of the health care changes that have been greatly debated. Sorry, but this topic is not going away. Look for many more conversations and hot debates on the subject of health care reform (notice” reform” and Jupiter is “retrograde”) for the nation. Jupiter will turn direct on June 9th. The likelihood of massive changes and reform will be more favorable and moving ahead at that time.

Jupiter is also the planet of advice and counsel, if you are receiving advice on any level, from attorneys, educators, physicians, during Jupiter’s retrograde period (until 6/9) it is an excellent time to get another opinion. Once Jupiter turns direct in June, you will see that solutions to most any challenge is more available. And everyone benefits!

The biggest major transit for April is Saturn turns retrograde, April 6th. Saturn is the planet that brings restrictions, delays and obstacles to us. Where Saturn is in your chart, will give more information about your Karma. Understanding your Karma is an opportunity to grow and experience true fulfillment.
Do you know the planets that control your Karma?

In January, Saturn transited out of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius.This was a great and much needed relief for Mars ruled signs of Aries and Scorpio. Actually, everyone needed this relief. While Saturn was transiting through Mars ruled Scorpio, an enemy sign, it was causing extreme frustration for most everyone on the planet. In January, Saturn’s move into Sagittarius brought some relief. It is now in more neutral territory. It helps that Jupiter is not an enemy to Saturn. Saturn wants structure and Jupiter wants fairness. In a sense, you can say, there is an opportunity for mutual meeting grounds that will eventually be productive. It will be slow going. That is the nature of Saturn. Saturn being in Jupiter’s house will bring about more interests in spiritual matters. The association of these two planets will eventually help us to have more compassion and charity for our earth family. There will be an upsurge of interest in religion, philosophy, spiritual and esoteric topics. Education about these topics will expand and grow.
I believe, that eventually this will bring about a spiritual renaissance that our country so desperately needs. This will not happen overnight, but in Saturn’s style of slow, methodical work on the human psyche. Ultimately, this is the shift in consciousness that will occur, that has to occur for humanity to continue to exist.

Saturn is the “karmic indicator”. Saturn is work, the work you do on yourself. It is the most important work. And yet, it is hard for us to recognize that Saturn holds the key to fulfilment. Saturn deals with matters like integrity, wisdom and discipline. But it is also the planet of authority. When we learn to work with Saturn’s energy, and when we do the work, Saturn bestows the reward.

If you get the feeling that things are just not as they seem to be, you are right! Saturn is currently aspecting Ketu and Neptune. This has created foggy communications. Thinking you have memory impairment? No, it’s the energy of the planets. But what if, you didn’t need to remember the past?
(Food for thought, right?)

Mercury, the winged messenger, as I have mentioned above will turn retrograde on April 9th.
This will occur in the sign of Aries. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Gemini will be reviewing matters that deal with friendships, groups and organizations. In some cases, this could get to be a bit testy. Mercury’s position could easily provoke disagreement or even an argument. Virgo, your area of concern will involve siblings and the changes that could affect your life. It’s possible that there will be a serious health matter for someone close to you. Mercury’s retrograde always brings communication matters to the forefront. Be sure to backup your files. Follow safety precautions that deal with all your personal data.Double check, any communications you send out. Try to avoid signing any major documents during Mercury’s retrograde. If you must sign, have another set of eyes look it over. An attorney would be best, depending on the nature of the document. Mercury is in the fire sign of Aries and will also be going into 0 degrees at the end of the month. 0 degrees is also referred to as “gandanta”. It means “spiritual knot”, and is also referred to as drowning. The reference signifies that a planet is in a fire sign and moving towards a water sign. Or also, the reverse. Aries will not transit all the way back into the water sign of Pisces. However, this is a difficult placement and one that can cause many hardships and events. It is also a place for great spiritual growth. The activating degree point will begin on April 26th. Plus, Mercury stations on this same day. That means, Mercury is saying, “stop, watch me, I have something important to say”. Pay close attention to this time frame. If you have natal planets near these Aries degree points, you will definitely have some major events unfold in your life. Mercury turns direct on May 5th.

Venus, continues its retrograde motion until April 15th. If you have been reading my past newsletters, I’ve written often on Venus retrograde. If you follow the stock market you have noticed that while Venus is retrograde it has a definite effect on the financial world. Venus rules not only love and relationships, but wealth. Both Jupiter and Venus deal with different matters, but their common thread is that they are both benefic planets and they both can give prosperity and riches. So, you see it is then easier to understand why the stocks have slipped a little, with both of these wealth producing planets in retrograde motion. It’s possible Venus has brought someone from your past back into your life. You may be rethinking or rekindling a past relationship. Venus retrograde has us consider those people and things that we value. The big one also being, our own value. Are you discounting who you are or what you bring to the table in any way? This can be good time for recognizing issues that deal with self-appreciation. Others take their cue from you. As Venus goes direct, the stock market will likely start to rise again. Venus will turn direct on April 15th.

This will be the month that you will; Review, Reframe, Regenerate, Reboot, Re-experience, Rewire, Reconnect, Renegotiate, Recall, Release and


Please see predictions below for your rising sign:

Aries: Events concerning your home and children may have had you feeling somewhat depleted. Before charging ahead, especially since your ruling planet, Mars has renewed your physical energy, take a break. Even if it’s a “spa day”. Do something nurturing for yourself. You are about to start a whole new adventure. Venus pleasures could include a cruise.

Taurus: You will be playing host or hostess in some way this month. Perhaps entertaining at home. Whatever the venue is for this celebration, you may feel as if you are squeezing out the time to prepare for it. Romance and business opportunities come from females you have known in the past. Venus and past relationships….

Gemini: This is a great month for moving your career ahead. Or you may be interested in doing some type of education to assist you. Subconsciously, you could be experiencing a block. Take some time alone, and let your intuition guide you. The answers are inside you, along with the steps that you need to take to remove the obstacle. Venus brings in a great opportunity.

Cancer: Upcoming travel that may also include training or education is on the horizon for you.
Enjoy this time of accomplishment, you have earned it. Travel will likely be long distance or also could be travel to a foreign country. Venus is setting you up for travel or a new learning situation.

Leo: Energetically, the eclipses are still fully operational in your life. Matters that deal with your spouse, partner and possibly business partner have all been front and center. Venus brings changes with your partner.This new moon indicates more changes to come. Money around children and money spent on children may need a second look. Your partner’s finances are changing.

Virgo: Your earlier romantic interest has your complete 100% attention. This is a person you have known either from this lifetime or another lifetime. Being all in emotionally, leaves no room for having perspective. Venus is bringing you a new partnering opportunity. Do not rush, take your time.

Libra: The details are very important for you this month, Libra. You are the one that knows instinctively how to bring balance. This new moon signals that you need to pay attention to the details around your health. Venus, your ruling planet is retrograde, letting you know a review
your health and work routine are necessary.

Scorpio: Creative ideas are filling your mind. Your daily routine may be full of busy-ness. The next step is turning it into gold. Partnering, rather that be spouse or significant other has been a challenge. Now Venus, insists on a review. Someone from the past may show up.

Sagittarius: Work from home is a likely change for you now. Setting up your home office or at least a space for working may present some challenges for you. Jupiter, your ruling planet has you in a review mode. It is necessary for you to review matters that deal with your career and also your daily health routine. No shortcuts are available.

Capricorn: Your mind is very active with this new moon. Creative ideas that you have had from the past, come around again. Communicating clearly with your partner will be the highlight of the month. Your partner’s thoughts and ideas may also contain information from the past. Pay attention. This is a good time for working with your subconscious mind.

Aquarius: Spending habits will come to the forefront this month. It would be wise to be a penny pincher during this time. Money coming in will fluctuate, at times you will feel as if you have plenty and then at times you will feel lacking. Travel or educational opportunities will arise.

Pisces: Your thoughts have extreme power this month. Think of yourself as a human antennae, beaming up and out. Your thoughts are magnetizing to you, your desires. Your partner will require more attention and review of your relationship and communication is in order. Think of this time as a “stage review” for the abundance coming your way. Venus is all around you, appreciate the beauty in your life. More is on the way.