26811776Saturn has retrograded at 29 degrees Libra. Libra is the constellation concerned with balance, harmony and the scales of justice. There is currently quite a bit of energy in Libra. Rahu, the North Node is traveling with Saturn. These 2 together are like super sizing karma. Add to that Mars, which just a day ahead of Saturn also turned retrograde. This is a mixture, of well, unpredictable events that are unfolding. Mars and Saturn are not friends to each other and so this creates an uncomfortable situation. Especially, being in the sign that rules over relationships. Capricorn and Aquarius will feel this retrograde more intensely than other signs, as Saturn is the ruler of their chart. Keep in mind that retrogrades are best utilized by reviewing and reassessing. We’ve missed something vitally important along the way, now is your chance to get that missing piece of the puzzle. And then plug it in when Saturn and Mars go direct.
Saturn’s energy can feel restrictive, frustrating and limiting. It creates obstacles that are sometimes not so easy for us to see, but that we feel in a subtle way. Saturn is known as the “karmic indicator”. In truth, your entire chart is your karma. But, Saturn specializes in this particular area. Knowing your Saturn placement will go a long way to understanding your fears and what keeps you stuck. Once you understand Saturn’s energy and how to work with it, you can make huge advancements in your life. While Saturn is retrograde you may feel like things have slowed down, increasing your frustration. Frustration is usually worsened by the fact that we keep pushing through causing ourselves more discomfort. This energy is best dealt with in slowing down and allowing. Pranayama, breath work and meditation will benefit us during this time. Saturn likes us to focus. And this taskmaster will give the discipline and persistence to fulfill our goals over time.