new_moonDo you get the feeling that things are just not moving along? Energetically speaking, things just seem to be somewhat off and we can’t really put our finger on it! Saturn and Mars continue to retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. This slow and retrograde movement has a somewhat heavy feeling. Mars is a planet that deals with our personal energy and it is also the planet responsible for getting things done as they say. Saturn creates obstacles, slows down progress, and creates fear. The new moon on June 5th is in the sign of Taurus ( a fixed sign) opposed by Saturn and Mars in Scorpio (a fixed sign).
This is a moon that is focused on resources. Relationships, personal and business along with financial resources will continue to be a hot topic. This will be true for both the bedroom and the boardroom. The celestial lovers, (translate that to you & your mate) Mars and Venus are opposed in their own signs. Overall this energy is more about seeking and having its own way. Jupiter, the planet that deals with our traditional values, along with religion is being challenged by Rahu. On June 20th Jupiter will conjunct Rahu in the sign of Leo. The ancient masters said that Rahu corrupts Jupiter, a benefic planet that also rules over religion and spirituality. Jupiter was called Guru and was the teacher or preceptor to the Gods. Truth, devotion, faithfulness, compassion, these were some of the qualities that Jupiter taught. As Rahu conjoins with Jupiter, it creates an out of bounds and challenges Jupiter on these qualities. At the same time, this duo, Jupiter and Rahu can bring great change and also wealth.
Many planets are involved, squaring and opposing. While Mars, Saturn is retrograde, opposing Venus, Sun at the beginning of June. Neptune and Ketu oppose Jupiter, Rahu. This is called a grand cross and all these planets are in fixed signs. Fixed signs are known to be stubborn and resistant to change. However, we are at the tipping point now and there is no turning back. Neptune and Ketu, in Aquarius are squaring with Saturn and Mars. Something will be revealed that has been hid up to now. This may involve a political figure or someone well known. Neptune and Saturn squaring in these close degrees could uncover a scandal. Saturn’s transit through Scorpio will bring things to light, that have never been uncovered before. It has also been responsible for
the sex scandal we have seen that involved celebrity Bill Cosby.

On June 17th, Mars will retrograde all the way back into the sign of Libra. This will bring some temporary relief. Both Mars and Saturn are considered malefic planets who are enemies to each other. Mars prefers to move fast, and always has a strategy in mind. Saturn is slow bringing restriction, pressure and challenges. Mars will remain in Libra, turning direct on 6/29 and then move into it’s own sign of Scorpio on 7/13. This is the point where things will begin to change more rapidly, Mars will begin to get steam as it builds up in degrees. August will be the month that these 2 malefic planets meet up in the sign of Scorpio. The buildup or applying nature of Mars will begin around mid July. The outer planets, Pluto and Uranus continue to square each other, creating uprising, protests and rebellion. Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution is winning,
You may not be surprised by that, considering all that is happening in our world. On 6/28, Uranus will transit out of Pisces and into the sign of Aries. Uranus energy is all about change, and it brings that change rather suddenly and unexpectedly. Think inventions, entrepreneurs and radical change, that is just some of the business of Uranus. Technology will take on a new and accelerated advancement.

For Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, your ruling planet Saturn is retrograde, causing you to have a review of life. Know that this too, will change. Saturn will turn direct in mid- August.

June is a good month for making the correction. You will probably be able to see the trees and the forest. In spite of its retrograde motion, Mars can help you to regenerate and focus in on the course of action that will be most beneficial to you. Once Mars begins it direct motion at the end of June, energy levels will begin to return to normal. Both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and they will feel their “mojo” has returned as well when Mars moves to direct motion on 6/29.

See June predictions below for each sign of the zodiac. If you do not know your rising sign in Vedic astrology, please email me your birth data, (birthday, time, city/location, full name) I will be happy to email you, your rising sign.

Aries: Your partner, money, and joint resources are highlighted in the month of June. You may come across some information, that is upsetting or at the least disturbing. Be sure to get all the facts about the situation in advance. You may encounter last minute expense on children. Take some time for self-nurturing.

Taurus: Your physical strength and energy is off the chart. Museums, art shows or concerts, at least one of the above should be on your list this month to enjoy. The inner you and outer you (yin & yang) are a match. You can use this dynamic emotional strength and will power to create your desires. Let your imagination guide you. Romance is likely.

Gemini: Opportunities are coming your way. You may want to take a close look at them, as they may not turn out in the way they are presented to you. Research will be helpful. Keep a watchful eye on expenditure this month. Quiet and secluded places bring you pleasure and enjoyment.

Cancer: If you social calendar is not already full this month, it would be a good time to start working on it. It’s time to get out a little and enjoy yourself. Buying a new outfit for that special get together will give you an added advantage. The key here is to make yourself available for outings with friends and even those last minute “happenstance” meetups.

Leo: Career gain is what is all about this month. This can come through both male and female influence. There is a certain protection around you. You may not be able to see your mate in the clearest way. Information that comes your way needs to be reviewed and facts needs to be researched. Unusual changes and opportunities arise.

Virgo: Education is key for now. Some information you need to know may have been hidden or missing up to now. Friends can provide a bridge to you. Seek them out, they are available to help you. There is an element of luck that you will encounter this month. Your gift is paying attention to the details.

Libra: This is a month of major changes for you. It’s possible there are authority changes around you. Wait to make your final decision about it, (especially if work related) most likely it will be to your advantage. On another note, your psychic abilities are right on target, so is your magnetism.

Scorpio: Relationship matters are on your mind. Some education or research can help with career. You are excellent in finding the flaw and correcting it now. Do what you do best. Reviewing is necessary with your ruling planet Mars retrograde. Although slow, you are laying important groundwork right now.

Sagittarius: Changes around your everyday work routine. The changes should work to your advantage. And speaking of change, take a look at your workout or fitness routine. If health issues are concerning you, look into alternative or complimentary areas for answers. It’s a good time to publish your work.

Capricorn: Allow your intuition to become your GPS. Ideas and creative energy are flowing. Capturing them is key. That means you will need to journal these thoughts and ideas, so that they can be put to good use. Romantic interludes with your partner enhance your creativity. Spiritual disciplines are fulfilling.

Aquarius: You will have more of an appreciation and enjoyment of your home life during this time. It’s a good time to entertain in your home. You have the necessary emotional strength to deal with any conflicts that may arise. Be mindful of your communication with others in authority.

Pisces: Your relationship with siblings brings a certain satisfaction for you. You feel motivated and adventurous. Writing and communicating adds to this sense of fulfillment. Your efforts continue to bring in rewards. Communication is key. Many short distance travels or commutes.