34831558On May 6th there is a new moon in the sign of Aries, and the nakshatra of Bharani. This is a fiery and passionate new moon that has plenty of planetary energy. It is conjunct the Sun along with Venus and Mercury (retrograde). Bharani means cherishing or nourishing and is associated with feminine energy. This nakshatra is associated with female energy that is creative. That creativity may come in the form of children, our thoughts and ideas.
The following predictions are for your natal sign:
Aries: Your energy level is running both high and low. Information that comes your way will be incomplete, before you become too upset by it, make sure you get as many facts as possible. You could be handed the authority position (for awhile). Boss, work environment, friends are in the midst of major changes. Deep breaths, focus on self-care.

Taurus: Partnership is under construction or destruction. Or maybe it is just on the brink of a breakthrough. You are holding back on sharing your feelings and thoughts. Pay close attention to your dreams. Journaling can help. Make a charitable donation it can be time or money to your favorite charity.

Gemini: You are experiencing so many changes within your daily routine. Getting organized would help bring some relief for your day to day work. Friends and people from your past are likely making their way back to you. You can win out over the competition. If you have employees, they are feeling more than a bit of pressure. Opportunities and prosperity are on the upswing!

Cancer: The spotlight is on YOU. Make the best use of this energy. Being in the drivers seat can be fun. New career adventures are likely. Some research may be needed. A review of the past may turn up some information that can be helpful now. Romance and children can be frustrating during this time. Scale back expectations in that department.

Leo: You are getting mixed signals and results. Time to put all that creative power you have into getting the results you want and deserve. Your passions are running in high gear and there’s no time like the present. Trying a less is more approach might not make sense, but it could be just the fix you need. You are traveling or spending more time away from home.

Virgo: Work is really feeling like work, or maybe you are just working all the time, Virgo. There are a lot of changes and musical chairs, so to speak going on. Perhaps friends from the past may help you out by just lending an ear. Communications have felt stifled for awhile. Hang on and in there, you are going to have your day.

Libra: Partners and partnering are the highlights now. If you have a business partnership, some changes are coming your way. You are missing a vital piece of information, that should get cleared up towards the end of the month. Don’t ignore your resources. It’s a good time to become thrifty. Take care with all communications.

Scorpio: There is a reason they labeled you the transformation sign of the zodiac. Growing and changing takes courage, you got the courage part down. And now the heat is on because it is time to walk straight into what you fear most. Some part of everyday really feels like work that is unrewarded and unfulfilled. Adjust as needed. Remember, that the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Start seeing yourself as the butterfly. Focus: positive attitude.

Sagittarius: Some emotional changes are taking place for you. It can be related to a romance or children or even both. Misunderstandings or miscommunications from the past need a correction now. A softer approach is in order. It’s ok to check in and keep your door swept. By that I mean, just touch base with your loved one, children or romantic interest. Let them know you can listen and not give advise. Romantic interests may fluctuate.

Capricorn: Home life has its comforts for you now, and they may include spiritual comforts. You are still in your review mode, that that continues until Aug. 2016. Old friends may show up out of the blue. Keep the faith, you will receive the rewards for all your patience and persistence.

Aquarius: Siblings may require extra communication or work in some way. Your mate may be feeling somewhat adventurous. Go ahead, take the bait. Whatever their suggestions are, just playing along might be fun. There are strong desires to communicate now. Career is unpredictable now.

Pisces: Powerful people have aligned to help you. Income from speculation is likely at this time. Women play a big part in your advancement. Don’t forget to direct some of your sweet speech their way. This approach will take you far and endear you to many. Changes in your everyday lifestyle that includes a healthier diet could help to energize you.

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