new_moonThe 4th of July brings a new moon in the constellation of Gemini, a sign that is known to deal with communicating. The nakshatra for this new moon is Ardra. Ardra Is symbolized by a human head. This refers to the emphasis of thinking and the mind. Mercury has rulership over Gemini and thus influences the nakshatra of Ardra. Ardra is called a tikshna or sharp nakshatra. It’s activities can be bold, brash and powerful. Most all nakshatras have a shadow side. For Ardra, the shadow that they can bring is suffering and pain to others, the opposite being they may bring healing or help to alleviate others suffering.

Aries: Strength and willpower are a few of your great assets. You are making a comeback, with ruling planet Mars, finally now in direct motion. There are a few finishing matters to deal with regarding your mate, home life, expenses and children. Perhaps it is a plan of how to deal with unexpected matters in those areas. Communication with your partner will be key for getting any and all of this cleared up. You are totally equipped for this endeavor. Mars moving direct on 6/29 will empower you. Mars will continue to gain speed and move to its own sign of Scorpio on 7/13.

Taurus: You are feeling the need to speak up and out about something on your mind and heart.
Sometimes, just talking about it, helps to get it out of the head. Mercury and the Moon represent our feeling mind and our thinking mind. Your ruling planet, Venus will assist you in saying what you need to say with the most finesse. If any public speaking opportunities come your way, it would be a good time to make use of your ability to persuade. This month will be the month to use those powers. Your organizational skills are right on target. The ideas you have can put more money in your bank account.

Gemini: Use that assertiveness to move your agenda and goals forward this month. It is a good month to use your excellent socializing skills. You have the added advantage of magnetic charm, a gift from having the new moon in your 1st house. If anything, you mind is a playground for new thoughts and ideas. If you are thinking about making changes to your workout routine, or simply changing your day to day routine in some way, now is the time to do it. A 3 minute meditation will help clear the clutter from your busy mind.

Cancer: Unexpected expenses will catch you off guard. Avoid the emotional buy, it will present itself more than a few times this month. Research will be necessary, try to avoid becoming to immersed in it. Mercury and the Moon can overthink and expend a lot of mental energy. Find those places that bring you mental and physical relaxation. Gardens, spas, any place that brings you calm will be especially beneficial to you. If you have the chance to attend a retreat or visit an ashram, this is ideal timing.

Leo: Extra income from unusual associations is likely. Friends and social contacts help you. You can get financial benefits from successful people. You have an added benefit with Jupiter, planet of opportunity being in your 1st house. This brings the benefit directly to you. Children help you, or bring ideas to you. Jupiter, planet of opportunity and luck will move out of your 1st house on Aug. 12th. Any endeavors that you wish to promote or move ahead, now is the time.

Virgo: Career changes are on your mind. In fact, some opportunities may come to your through a friend. Or somehow a friend could be involved. Your emotions, head and heart will be leading you in this direction. This new business venture may be related to humanitarian or spiritual organizations. Get all details and understand the contractual obligations before agreeing. If you have a trusted advisor, run it all by them before your final agreement. Travel may be involved.

Libra: Travel and learning are traveling to learn are highlighted this month. Meeting someone special could happen through travel or education. Take advantage of unplanned outings with friends. Happenstance can bring romance. In case you are wondering what “happenstance” is,
It is meeting up with friends at the last minute, again, any unplanned events or get togethers can bring a romantic opportunity your way.

Scorpio: Life has not been easy for you lately, Scorpio. Your ruling planet Mars has been retrograde, just going direct on 6/29. Thank the Heavens, you say! Having been in its retrograde motion, your energy has not been the same. Now, you start feeling your “mojo” return. Energy, as every Scorpio knows involves more than just the physical component. Career, friends, groups and organizations are all on the menu designated for “change”. You are the sign of “transformation”. You career is about to take a major turning point.

Sagittarius: Relationships, both personal and professional are your main concern. And it may be difficult for you to see where to draw the line. That is, where does it stop being professional and turn into personal. Unusual opportunities for educating, education and traveling may come your way. Do not turn any opportunity away. Jupiter, your ruling planet has been very generous lately. Your heart is likely to win over any internal arguments, for now.

Capricorn: Your ruling planet Saturn continues in its retrograde motion. Still you are reviewing some matters of life. Health may have had it challenges for you. It’s possible you have had some challenges to deal with regarding friends, groups, organizations that you belong to. All things may feel stuck or as if they are moving in slow motion. Do not worry, this too will change. Saturn will turn direct on 8/11. You will feel that something lost, has been returned to you. Use these last approximately 6 weeks to get organized, especially with career plans. That way, when direct motion comes, you are ready to roll.

Aquarius: Everyday routine including your workout schedule is up for renewal or needs to be revamped in some way. Maybe some missing piece of information will allow you to be more productive. No need to rush this, your ruling planet, Saturn has slowed things down concerning your career. It’s been necessary that you review some matters concerning your career. You may have felt you were living “Ground Hog Day”, you know where you just do the same thing over and over. Take heart, Saturn, your ruling planet will turn direct on 8/11. Then you will feel much better and career changes will start to move ahead. A shift is just around the corner.

Pisces: The new moon in July hits in your 4th house area. Home is a busy place these days. Maybe you work out of your home. And even if you don’t, you have been. In other words lots of activities, rather that be reading, writing or just general work has been going on around your home. A likely topic could be children, their education, spiritual training and ventures that are speculative. This has taken quite a lot of energy and time. But as a Jupiter ruled sign, there will be pay off for all you’ve done. Jupiter and Rahu’s recent conjunction has just made your work, anyt your everyday life! In all your hustle and bustle, remember to stop and let the cosmos know how grateful you are.