new_moonJuly’s new moon falls in the constellation of Gemini. The sign most concerned with communications. You may feel inspired or that you are connecting with your own special creativity. The nakshatra for this new moon is Punavarsu, which also means “the star of renewal”. It is considered to be one the most benefic nakshatras. This is your special time on the planet. What are you doing to grow your consciousness? Are you connected to your spark of the divine? It is a good time for learning, teaching or studying. Show your gratitude to your teacher or Guru. Get out your new moon journal and take your desires from your head, write them down. In this way you are beginning to sow the seeds of creativity. Your new moon list doesn’t have to be long, maybe there is only 1 very important thing you want to focus on. This new moon is especially powerful for self-expression. So go ahead; Express Yourself!
Happy New Moon!