August new moon is in the constellation of Cancer. The nakshatra is “Pushya”. Pushya means to nourish or to nurture and is represented by the udder of a cow. Cancer is the sign of the zodiac most concerned with the family and is focused on feelings. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon. Here, in its own sign it gives us more ability to connect with our feelings. Our intuitive nature is very keen now. Often we push this gift aside or we do not pay attention to it. Listening to and working with our feeling nature can be both enlightening and healing.
This is an important moon for working together and nurturing the right conditions. Matters that deal with advising, teaching and learning will be highlighted during this time.

Predictions for each sign of the zodiac:

Aries: You are focused on your family and home life. It’s a good time for education. Spending time with mom can add to your enjoyment. You will be interested in home improvements or buying home decor. It’s a good time to check out lake property or property for a get away, or vacation home.

Taurus: Good relations with siblings. Your communicating skills are excellent at this time. Writing or publishing can be very fortuitous. You are spending more time with short commutes or in your car more frequently. It’s a great time to go dancing or to the theatre. Tap into your adventurous nature.

Gemini: Money gains are likely now. Fine dining is also on your agenda, as this new moon will provide some unique dining experiences. Your imagination is heightened, dont forget to have a notepad nearby to write your ideas down. Communication with siblings can be a little off. Speaking opportunities can bring additional cash flow your way.

Cancer: You have an influential power now. There is a strong sense of purpose. This is a fortunate time for you. Your magnetism and charm can work magic. An unusual person may come in to your life now. Use your imagination to draw to you what you desire.

Leo: Your mental energy is running a little on the low side. As a result you may be tempted to do some “retail therapy”. If possible, replace that idea with a hatha yoga class or meditation class. Unexpected expenses may arise as the senses can be very demanding.

Virgo: It’s time to get out and about! Socialize, and I’m not just talking about social media. Friends may introduce you to new friends, any can be your link to new opportunities. Siblings can be helpful to you now. An opportunity to travel to a foreign country with a friend could come up unexpectedly.

Libra: All may look well within your career and friends that you work with. However, it’s a good time to be wisely cautious. Some information that you received may not be complete. Romantic interests are not what they seem. Other opportunities will present themselves. Knowing all your options is a good thing.

Scorpio: With Mars your ruling planet in its own sign of Scorpio now, you feel your Mojo has returned. This gift helps you to feel renewed and finally once again connected with your energy. Emotional recognition comes into clear view now, as you begin to feel head and heart connected. Educational, learning, travel and teaching options come your way.

Sagittarius: August is your month to receive the psychic intuitiveness award. Being mindfully aware brings presence and presents for you. Charisma is another gift brought to you by this new moon. Your ruling planet, Jupiter will make a big move on Aug.12th, the focus will shift to your career. Last minute publishing may be just the launching pad you need.

Capricorn: Partnerships and responsibility are the two biggies for you now, Capricorn. The responsibility part you’ve always had down. But now, you are integrating and finding the harmonic balance between these two. Home feels a bit confining, in fact even friends may feel a bit stifling now. Hang on and in there! Thankfully, Saturn your ruling planet is moving to direct motion on August 13th.

Aquarius: Changes are on the schedule for you this month. Your everyday routine is in need of some shaking up. It’s always easier when we initiate the shake up, than when we are forced into it. Take a look at your workout routine and consider making some changes. If you commute to work, look at at taking a different route. Pranayama, or breath work could help relieve any stress you are feeling. Career starts to move after August 13th, when your ruling planet, Saturn goes direct!

Pisces: Everyday work stress has taken its toll, but you have to admit, Pisces, you have had some rearrangement of duties. This month should give you a bit of a break. All those responsibilities have also brought you many blessings and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have a deep understanding of that. Put your feet up every chance you get this month. Children bring you happiness and fulfillment.