Astrologically, the biggest event for January is the upcoming lunar eclipse that occurs on
January 31, 2018 in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that deals with our emotions and our sense of security, on a deeper level it is our subconscious mind. The moon represents the mind, and our consciousness. Representing our past and our karma.

The water signs of the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Each of these signs will be impacted, as the eclipse falls in the water sign of Cancer. Water signs FEEL life. They are emotional, intuitive and sensitive.

Everyone, has the sign of Cancer in their chart. For example, if you are Cancer rising sign, this is your 1st house and the house that signifies your body, your emotions and how you are feeling. As a water sign, this effects us on a deep emotional level. Eclipses are harbingers of change. They usually bring something to the forefront that we did not know, or that was swept under the rug in the past.

The moon deals with the past, events or information from the past can resurface now, causing emotional upset. This is a good day to avoid making any major decisions or engaging in business transactions. It is a good time for meditation, and for quiet contemplation. If possible, keep your diet on the light side. Quiet time with meditative or relaxing music, or spending time in nature will be helpful.

The Lunar Eclipse affects us on an emotional level. This is internal, and often does not show outwardly.The moon is fluid and moving, our emotions are changeable. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days, and like the tides of the ocean our mood and emotions change. However, the upcoming Solar eclipse, which occurs on Feb. 15, 2018 in the sign of Capricorn, will have a more significant and longer lasting effect. More on that in February!
In addition to the new moon highlights, I have included the lunar eclipse and the area of your life it will impact.

January Predictions with Lunar Eclipse:

Aries: Major shifts and changes that involve your home and career. Your ruling planet Mars is in a very strong position now. You are feeling ambitious and ready to move all areas of your life ahead!
Lunar Eclipse:
Information surfaces in the areas of your mother, father, children. Possibly ancestral insights in regards to your present life.

Taurus: Someone from your past could enter your life. You could meet this person through traveling or teaching.
Lunar Eclipse: Happenstance situations that involve traveling or out of the ordinary situations bring insight to you about your past.

Gemini: Changes with business partner or your mate. This could involve more work or travel that takes them away for periods of time. Communication around these matters will help.
Lunar Eclipse:
Extraordinary insight on creativity. Unusual creativity that brings prosperity.

Cancer: You are feeling more focused energy now on creating. The key is to stay balanced. Great insight is available to you now.
Lunar Eclipse: The eclipse takes place in your sign, Cancer. Deep insight is available to you now. Focus on the life you wish to CREATE with your MIND. Great discipline is required now, but great are the rewards. HInt: Pranayama, and Mantra can lead you there.

Leo: The everyday routine or work routine has been extremely busy. Work may be feeling dull and lacking. There is a feeling that you are missing something. Take some time for self-care.
Lunar Eclipse:
Dreams can be prophetic now, pay attention to them, they offer you information or direction.

Virgo: Friends and family are part of your focus now. You are feeling very connected to them.
Expect some changes, or surprises in this area of your life.
Lunar Eclipse: You may feel attracted to unusual groups, you may connect with someone who feels like a long lost friend.

Libra: Matters dealing with your home are in need of your attention. This could involve your family either your mom or your dad or both.
Lunar Eclipse:
Emotional upsets could occur within work or career. Stay calm, all could change very soon.

Scorpio: Your communication style is up for some changes. Thinking outside of the box is an advantage. This is an excellent time for self-promotion. Your ruling planet is in your 1st house. This gives you great advantage and energy.
Lunar Eclipse: Experiences that involve your teacher, or teaching, Guru’s or travel are likely now. You can gain insight or valuable information, being open to it is the key.

Sagittarius: Focus and determination are your top qualities now. Saturn the planet that governs your money, finances and communication are giving the perserverance that you need to bring it all together. This is a slow moving train, so dont get into a hurry!
Lunar Eclipse:
Emotional transformation. Information or downloads from past relationships are available to you now.

Capricorn: You are the “New Moon” lottery winner this month. Intuitively, you will be feeling like you are receiving very accurate downloads. Your insight is right on target. Matters dealing with partnering or partnership may be changing.
Lunar Eclipse: You are drawn to the unusual. Partnering may be deceptive or untrustworthy.

Aquarius: Time for “time out”. It may be the New Year, but you need some off time, Aquarius.
This time may be spent researching or simply in quiet contemplation. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, you may need to simply restore your physical energy.
Lunar Eclipse:
You have a leg up on solutions now. Your middle name is “resources”.

Pisces: Large groups or associations are working in your favor now. Possible friends are connecting the puzzle pieces. Fortuitous cosmic events that favor you.
Lunar Eclipse: Speculation, children, unusual games and amusements can all have a big impact on you, Pisces. You may feel drawn to spiritual interests or education that connect those dots above.