Our Cosmos is very busy this month. March began with a full moon in the sign of fiery Leo. The new moon will occur on March 17th in the watery (feeling) sign of Pisces. Pisces is the outer most planet and so provides us an opportunity to think and feel out of the box. I will add here, that Pisces is a highly valuable and fertile sign for MANIFESTING what you DESIRE.

We are really only limited by our imagination. What a wonder filled thought! Then, as if fire and water were not enough, we end the month with another full moon in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, so we get to come “down to earth” as they say on March 31st. Meaning we do not lose sight of the dream, we begin to realistically notice. Dreams take some action on our part.

Are you ready to take action? What are you willing to do to manifest what your heart truly desires?

Predictions for each sign of zodiac:

Aries: Changes with your children and home life are very much a part of this new moon. Communication may be the central theme surrounding all events. The home changes may involve children in some way. There is also the possibility that you are expanding or working on the interior of your home. Here are a few suggestions to help you: self-care, Yoga, meditation,
Music, a spa day, just for you. Breathe.

Taurus: Friends hold the key for you to make some major headway now. It is a good time to be socializing or bringing your friends together. Unusual, or quirky type dining places will unlock your mind and spice up ideas. If you do not normally entertain at home, this might be a good time to do so.

Gemini: The gift of this new moon, Gemini is that you have the ability to think “out of the box”. This is a powerful new moon for manifesting your desires. Mercury your ruling planet is touring a constellation that is way, way out there, like Outer Limits….Pisces. Surprising what you may come up with, playing in the land of imagination. What career path do you REALLY WANT?

Cancer: Lady Luck is at it again, or should I say, helping you out again! Your positive thoughts and more open approach will reap gains for you. Irish luck and fortune collide for you with this new moon. Your thinking and creative ideas will get even more creative after Mercury retrogrades on March 23rd.

Leo: Your inner (emotional)world and outer (personality) world are evenly matched in March. Normally, Leo, you keep your emotions under wrap. That will not be the case during March madness. It’s one of those things where what you see is what you get. You will not be inclined to hide your emotions or feelings so much and that’s o.k. Friendships may change during this time.

Virgo: You are looking at a far bigger picture now, than your partner. Home issues begin to surface, this will be an ongoing theme in the upcoming months. Your ruling planet, Mercury will not go retrograde until 3/23/18. It would be wise to use the upcoming weeks for brainstorming ideas. You may be thinking about a move.

Libra: Health and partner are likely your main concerns now. You may not feel as positive and upbeat in March as you have been feeling. This is due to Jupiter, the planet of positivity and opportunity retrograding. This takes place on 3/9/18. Jupiter has rulership over your 6th house of health. It will be a good time to take another look at your health routine. It’s possible to make it a joint venture, a buddy system works well with making healthy lifestyle changes.

Scorpio: Speaking and presenting can be very lucrative now. Expect there to be some level of frustration during this month. Your ruling planet is coming together with Saturn, the king of discipline. This will cause you to feel a bit overwhelmed. Meditation will help. Children bring ideas. Take care with speculation. Time for your yearly dental appointment.

Sagittarius: Unexpected events with children may have brought a great deal of work and or financial obligation your way. This will cause some sense of frustration for you. Money will fluctuate during this period. Household items can bring you profits. Meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, or nature walks can all help during this time.

Capricorn: Feeling invisible is quite normal now. Especially because you have the South Node, Ketu transiting through your 1st house. Expect also to have some strange encounters. You may feel inclined to make physical changes to the way your dress, or your hairstyle. Your discriminative and intuitive powers are very accurate. Spiritual or esoteric subjects will interest you.

Aquarius: You can see both sides of the coin now. Imagination and reality. Be prepared for issues to arise with a friend. Money and education will need to be reviewed. Jupiter rules your 2nd house of money, and will turn retrograde on 3/9/18. This means there is a need for you to go back and reevaluate areas around education and/or travel.

Pisces: You are the “New Moon” lottery winner this month. You have big dreams now. The cosmos is bringing all the ingredients together for you to make some radical changes in your life. These changes include your everyday work routine, your children, your mate, even where you live! Pisces, if anyone can plant a seed in the rich fertile soil of their imagination…it is YOU!