Eclipse time always brings “revelations”. Something that we didn’t know.

On January 10th there is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini. It falls at 25 degrees. Gemini’s symbol is the Twins, this is a sign of duality, it is also an air sign that deals with thinking, and the logical mind.
Gemini’s are flexible and quick thinkers. This is due to Mercury’s rulership. Mecurial and a bit tricky. After all
those feet have wings on them!

Mercury is the planet in charge of ALL our communications. ruling over social media, broadcasting, Twitter, YouTube,Instagram, radio, TV and all forms of communications. Both the written and spoken word.

The solar eclipse just occurred on Dec. 25th. We had 6 planets and Ketu in Sag. and there has not been that much energy in Sagittarius in over 200 years. The solar eclipse is more about the outer world. In terms of social, economic and political events. We also notice changes with the weather, as eclipse time always brings extreme weather and weather patterns. This affects us in a more external way.

This is the lunar eclipse, that takes place on January 10th, so we are talking about the Moon. More specifically, we are talking about our feelings, our emotions and our thoughts or our feeling” mind. Both Moon and Mercury deal with our mind.
There is a significant difference, because the Moon deals more with our emotions, our intuition and our imagination. And Mercury deals with the thinking mind. That means it more logical, analytical, and deals with our reasoning abilities. Yes, 1 mind, but we also have a left and right brain 🙂

During this eclipse the Moon will be traveling with Rahu, the North node.

The Moon traveling with Rahu creates unusual thoughts. These thoughts can range anywhere from being disturbing to mystical, and out of the ordinary kind of creativity. It brings an active imagination. From out of this will come unusual ideas, different approach to ordinary matters. I think this is an excellent time for entrepreneurs, also writers.

Also, if you have planets near 25 degrees, you may get downloads of information. The moon is our intuition and psychic abilities, our subconscious mind. The subconscious communicates through symbols. Just as a dream is pictures, it is symbolic or revealing information to us through pictures.

It will be an important time to pay attention to what you are receiving.
There is so often valuable knowledge coming to us, either through a dream, an intuitive feeling, even Deja Vu’s. Now, this can be something about the past, sometimes we meet someone and we feel as if we have known them before and most often this is a past life connection. I feel we are being upgraded “psychically and spiritually”.

For certain during this time you will come to understand or see something clearly, to understand truth about a situation or a circumstance that has happened. The pathways to our consciousness is opening up. If possible spend some time in nature. This is the place where we can connect with the divine.

Let’s take a look at each sign:

Aries: This eclipse is happening in your 3rd house, which deals with communications, ex., if you are a teacher you might start to utilize an
Unusual teaching method. Siblings, information about or from your siblings.
Short distance travel could bring something unusual into your life. Or something is revealed to you about your childhood or a shared memory.

Taurus: This is your money house, expect changes with your finances.
Avoid moving large amounts of money for the next several weeks. You may experience changes in bonus structure or commission plans.

Gemini: This eclipse takes place in your 1st house, signifying your physical body. As I mentioned above this is a great time for psychic revelations and receiving information. YOu may have mystical experiences. I think this is excellent for manifesting.

Cancer: This is a good time for contemplation, meditation, yoga, or spiritual studies, or journeying to an ashram. Research or any mystical
Studies will be nourishing to your soul.

Leo: Opportunities may come to you through friends You may profit from large groups or organizations. You may develop an unusual friendship. You will get support from your friends. Good time for art and imagination.

Virgo: Your career could take some unusual turns and twists during this time. Innovation or unusual teaching methods will interest you. Healing is at the top of the list. Teaching or sharing unusual healing techniques. 2 careers. 2nd career take-off.

Libra: Good for foreign travel, you may want to dive into some new education, your beliefs are changing as you receive new information around this eclipse time.

Scorpio: Big changes for you, Scorpio. The moon in your 8th house will
Bring emotional changes, since teh 8th house is a moksha house and deals with enlightenment, you may have mystical experiences or receive those downloads I mentioned earlier. Remember to pay attention, record
Your dreams & downloads as soon as possible, since we have a tendency to forget The dream as time goes by.

Sagittarius: You can benefit from you partner during this time. You may also benefit from your business partner. With Rahu here, the partner may be overbearing. At the same time, they may be out maneuvering you or deceiving you. Remember, the moon is in the sign of Gemini and that makes it very changeable.

Capricorn: You have experienced much loss or endings with this eclipse. Unusual medical Or healing approach is available. All the resources you need are there. Any challenge you have there will be a solution for it.

Aquarius: This places the Moon and Rahu in your 5th house. This can bring a unusual romantic relationship into your life. This is a good placement for enjoyemnt of the arts, YOu will be playful and more interested in enjoying yourself and your friends.

Pisces: This will bring some changes to your home and career. Since it is the moon, this will be dealing with females. Unusual events may occur, but will be beneficial in the end. Durning this eclipse the Moon travels throug Punavarsu, the star of renewal and this star is ruled by Jupiter which is the ruling planet for Pisces, so this be beneficial in some way. Good for unusual ideas for creative living spaces.